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The Bible In Rhyme: Genesis Chapter 2

Updated on September 5, 2012


The next installation in my 'rhyming bible' series: The entire second chapter of Genesis converted to rhyming couplets. To start from chapter 1, click here.

Genesis Chapter 2

  1. The host, the earth, the heavens done
    God thought the 6 days had been fun
  2. And as day seven came around
    God rested, slept without a sound
  3. To make it right, he blessed that day
    For all to rest from work, and pray
  4. And thus, the heavens and the earth
    Began their great, yet humble birth
  5. Now ev'ry plant was waiting rain,
    And man to tend and till the plain
  6. So god sent out a misty spray
    Which watered all that very day
  7. Then with the dust, a man he formed;
    And giving breath, his lungs he warmed
  8. Next came Eden, in the east
    Where man could live and grow and feast
  9. And many trees within it grew
    (The tree of good and evil, too)
  10. God ran a river o'er the floor
    Which soon divided in to four
  11. The first - called Pison - stretched so bold
    Across Havilah, the land of gold
  12. With gold so good, you'd think untrue;
    Isbdellium also, onyx too
  13. The second - Gihor - sought for fame,
    With Ethiopia its claim
  14. The third - Hiddekel - eastward bound
    The fourth - Euphrates - flowed around
  15. So God took man, and placed him in
    The garden, for to keep it trim
  16. And said "Please eat from every tree -
    They're all as gifts to you from me...
  17. But the tree of knowledge, you must pass by...
    For if you eat here, you will die"
  18. Now God thought... "Man looks lonely there...
    All on his own, with naught nowhere"
  19. And so, he brought each beast around
    And Adam named them, gave them sound
  20. With names for beasts and cattle tacked,
    God saw that something there still lacked
  21. And so, in ways God only could
    He took a rib and healed it good
  22. Then using this spare rib he'd took
    God made a female (to clean and cook?)
  23. "I'll call her 'Woman'" Adam cried
    "For she was made from my inside!"
  24. Then from that day, the story told
    That each would one another hold
  25. (And if you peeked in, you would find
    They had no clothes but did not mind)


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