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The Bible In Rhyme: Genesis Chapter 1

Updated on September 15, 2012

Rhyming Scripture: Introduction

So, my idea is this: With so many versions of the bible having been published, why not take a unique spin on it and create a version in rhyme?

I've decided to give a light-hearted feel to this, and whilst not changing the meaning of the content wish to portray it in a slightly less serious light.

Here is chapter one of genesis, and depending on how well it's received... well who knows, maybe I'll get the whole book done!


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Genesis, Chapter One

1. When all began, God made it so:
The heaven above, the earth below

2. Earth had no form, was dark and void
And to the sea, God's spirit deployed

3. "Let there be light" he cried out loud
And light there was amongst the shroud

4. God saw the light, the good he'd made
Then moved it from the darkness' shade

5. "I name you day, and name you night"
He said. The first day passed alright

6. The second day, dawn broke again
God thought to split the waters twain

7. And moving waters to and fro
The waters split: God made it so

8. And all above the under-sea
God said, "is heaven, let it be"

9. Upon the morn of number three
Dry land appeared in midst the sea

10. He called this "Earth", and water "Sea"
And said: "It's looking good to me"

11. Now God was getting in the swing
And said "The earth, let grass it bring"

12. And all across the earthly face
Grew grass, and fruit - God said "It's ace"

13. And after all the third day's work
God saw it all. It made him smirk

14. No time for rest though, time was made
which days, years, seasons all obeyed

15. And God ensured he got it right
With light for day and dark for night

16. But so the nights were not so bleak
God made the stars, to help folk peek

17. And all the mighty light above
Came from the heaven, with God's love

18. Then watching night and day both fade
God said "it's good. Look what I've made"

19. And so the fourth day stopped as well
But was God finished? Was he hell

20. Next stop: Birds, of every sort
To fly across the heaven wrought

21. Then whales and fish and were all created
"Aint that good" God said, elated

22. And speaking out for them to mate
They made God's wish, to populate

23. The world had come a long, long way
And thus this ended the fifth day

24. Then at the earth, the beasts God hurled
All populating God's new world

25. And each produced the way it should
God looked it over, said "It's good"

26. Then God thought time had come around
To put a person on the ground

27. "Man and woman I'll make" Said he
"And make them so they look like me"

28. Then once he'd made them, "Breed" he said
"And have dominion where you tread"

29. He then said "Meat and fruit and seed
Shall feed and heed your every need"

30. "But so you all may live and grow,
Please share all I've provided so"

31. And with the task of world creation
Day six ended with elation.

Chapter 2

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    • profile image

      Sweet 5 years ago

      Nice one!

    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 5 years ago from Miller Lake

      What a wonderful way of expressing "Chapter One of Genesis" you are very creative indeed keep it up; thanks for sharing your wonderful creation! take care pam.

    • writeyourwrongs profile image

      John Crowley 5 years ago from Sheffield

      Matthew you are far too kind. Thank you.

    • Matthew Weese profile image

      Matthew Weese 5 years ago from Auburn

      That is a truly wicked rendition of the bible, I like it....that is absolute true talent.