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The Big Sleazy.

Updated on May 2, 2010



Let's just rename

the entire area

the Big Sleazy because

what has just occurred

is big but it's

anything but easy.


The pollyanna of Louisiana

with all of it's

beautiful sea creatures

are now facing scrubbings

and chemical bleachers

as well as many swift deaths

as the edge of night

comes creeping

along the coastline

the gross line

of man's folly.


We toil for the

wealth of oil

not worried

about the spoils

of one miscalculation,

that embroils a vast

section of our nation.

As millions of

natures finest

become gargoyles

rearing hideous

lack heads

from the ink that

has poisoned

their sea beds.


Many Fluffy

white feathers

preened daily,

water resistant and

once lovely to behold,

now stained by the

lifeblood of thirsty S.U.V.'s

in offshore efforts '

to appease the gluttony

of our fossil fuel needs.


Endless Beaks agape

at the horror

of their flightless

marathons in black

as each bird

squats firmly stuck

In man's greed run amok,

Herons, Pelicans and Ducks.


Taken from just

another ordinary

dive for plump fish,
to suddenly becoming a

lump of living coal.


Eyes blurred


any ability to

see predators.

Wings mired,

each a crippled

land creature now,
reeking of a scent

too noxious to breathe,
far from the water

lest it mirror its plight.


Mere days from dying

in the baking sun,

soon to become

rigid, and squat
as a tragic twenty-first

century monument
to all the cars that

slow down to gape as

they drive by,

powered by the essence

of what has slain.


A black spot marring

the sands of grime,

a palpable cancer

oozing toxins

on the shores

of what is their

homeland no more.


And what of the

fishing industry,

shrimp reduced

to flotsam

lifeless and limp

oysters mired

in cloisters

their once

pristine sanctuary

now a tomb.


Craw fish now

become claw-fish

struggling from

the anguish

of mankind's

latest blemish.


The long shadow

of the Juan Valdez

has stretched from

northern beaches

still struggling from

that disastrous spill

to this latest oil slick.


History repeating itself

into deaf ears

in an endless ca-ching

of gasoline pumps

registering each dollar

Now echoing in the squalor

of this latest atrocity.


My prayers still go out

to the men who died,

and their families,

but they also encapsulate

the sea life denied

any hope for many

years to come.


Yet still we'll drill,

never worrying

so much about the kills

of so many

lost in the spills.

Or the men who

are out of work

for a long time to come

just off their

hometown beaches

forced to sail

to far off reaches

to find an untainted catch.


Nature buried

oil for a reason

it spoils the bounty

Nature provided

for us all.

It lies deep beneath

the lovely surface

of the earth

to prevent

such horrors

as are now



While somewhere far off

in the Middle East

men and women die daily

in the ill concieved plans to

secure a foothold there

for the oil they pump

from desert sands.


A bush plan devised

and then disguised

under his weapons

of mass destruction lies,

sans of anything

that was of any

danger to us all.


A platform he chose

that was so costly

to thousands.


A war without closure

leaking blood now for

over ten years,

like the platform

greed chose

bleeding oil

off Louisiana's coast.


Remember the loss

of the innocent

trapped in each


sandy trench

suffocating in

the stench

of this latest

pipe wrenched.


Think about

alternative fuels

that don't destroy

endless schools

of fish in stagnant pools

the next time

you self serve

the petroleum that

is so self serving.


Remember each soldier

who won't be

getting any older

as you fill up

your gas holders

and propell

yourselves towards

even more

eco-"logical?? "


without regards

to the cost.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III



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    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 7 years ago from Calcutta

      Don't take it all on yourself Sir, ..Although your poems voice genuine concern and are ever educative and instructive and go a long way to establish Human Dignity and the natural order of things..we humans are a miserable lot.

      We need that degree of concern you have and those experiences which have made you so noble and wise, kind and helpful..until anyone else reaches that point of origin from where you suffer and experience your reality..

      One would not be able to know what you know..and until one knows one wont be able to act similarly..

      The problem with hope is , it is a priori , but reality is a posteriori and our faith and sincerity belief upon humanity

      are all a priori.

      Reality is a posteriori.

      And it is our reality that outrages us..since most of us..You and i try not to wrong anyone and try to hope and have faith.

      We cannot help what we do..and throughout history we have harmed nature for our ends.

      But since that is what we can do..I sure will keep on with this tirade and hope with you and walk with you..and follow the path that you lead.

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      A great poem to describe a very bitter disaster for the wildlife and people of the Gulf Coast - thanks for sharing.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Thanks again for another story that needs to be told and should be in our thoughts when we say NO at voting booths. We live here. "It" is our environment. We are not all that is but even we can't "be" without our environment.

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Another expertly written hub. You are a great poet and thinker. Thanks again for another great hub.