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"The Big Sleep" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on December 26, 2013

"The Big Sleep"

The way i see it, i got at least another thirty years or so

Not much time to start the art of letting go

Daily lessons of existence, i battle with my pride

I used to toil and get upset, now i enjoy the ride

Once consumed by thoughts of wealth and greed

Now consumed by thoughts of self and deed

Trudging forward with hot feet through the sands of time

I lay down to burn, to bury myself, with words that rhyme

So on and so forth I tell you things you ought to know

I scream into the forest, yet no tree hears me though

A failed failure failing and falling, learning to fly

Heavy winged and heavy hearted, SPLAT!, eventually we all gotta die

Gather round when the heavy head knocks against St. Peter's gate

"No no, it's ok you can cut in front of me, I'll wait"

The body receives dirt... Now wash away my sins with my final bath

The hands that are layed upon will tickle me pink again, and I'll laugh


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