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Dirty Crack Pot Jack Beats On Our Mamas Backs. Fantasy Poems.

Updated on December 22, 2012

September 2, 2010. Thursday.


Hello Angels !

We Baked Cake Just For You .

It Is Our Way Of Telling You,

How We All Love You.


Is Waiting For Us So True,

Her Yum Yum Beef Stew,

From Someone As True As You.


Maw Maw It's Hard To Beat,

As We Eat,

Like Little Rabits,

That Go Hip-pity Hop,

And Never Stop.


BON FIRE BILLY : by stars


Has a gal real silly.

Her name Is Tilly.

She dances like a lilly

in a dress so frilly,

when she kisses Billy.




Split his mama's back,

and split my mama's back.

So we rushed them with no slack

to their doctors and back

because of that bum ,

or that low life crack pot Jack.


Our mama's got better as soon as the doctors

got their fees

while the crack pot climbed some trees.

His mama peeled a switch ,

then she beat his tail up a stitch,

that stinking low down , and dirty crack pot Jack,

who had beats our mama's backs.


Well even though he was nuts,

he sure had some nerve,

when he went to church on Sundays,

and would beat our mamas on Mondays,

that dirty wacky crack pot Jack.


Then one day,

Jack met Fred,

who pumped him full of lead,

for cracking Fred's mama's head,

that crazy wacky crack pot Jack.


Then on one beautiful day,

when we were jumping in the hay,

my friends , and I went out to play.

And so we carried Jacks screaming tail ,

who had been locked up in jail,

and as he kicked at our backs,

he fought all the way to the railroad tracks,

where we tied him up,

where he could never crack another mother's back,

that loony good for nothing crack pot Jack,


Well it turned out that a train struck Jack ,

and If that was not enough ,

we even cracked his back,

then we went to church on Sundays,

then danced in the moonlight

all over his grave,

for being depraved.


And that was our bad,

which was so darn sad.


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