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The Blade of the Ruined King part 1

Updated on November 27, 2013

He's a good king at a wrong place at a wrong time.

Being heir to the throne, Prince Maximus, gained popularity through the hearts of the people. He gave the power to them and the wealth of his nation was in the people's hands, not his. His father was greatly known for leading his people to their Golden age and also for the "Power of the gods." Each king was given a sword made of this power; to protect their people and the great nation. The sword was forged with a crystal that shines, even in the darkest of times. It stays and never ages, but it only shatters when the holder has reached his/her time.

Max was raised through his father. He kept constant watch at him and thought him everything that he knows. His Mother died giving birth to him, but his father never wedded another woman after that. One day he asked his son, " How would you win the hearts of the people, my son?" "Through the hearts of every each one of them.",Max answered with confidence. His father smiled at him and said,"That's a very confident answer." He paused for a minute. Then his father continued,"Don't let anything break your strive, your will. Don't become who you don't want to be, for the sake of the people. Whatever happens."

War waged through the lands and his father's nation became part of it. Max was trained hard by the Silver Knights of the King, the most elite, strongest knights of the king's order. The king never missed a battle in each battle, he led with his sword, Faith. The sword shines through the fog of war, through smoke,in the entire battlefield. It served as the harbinger of hope for the soldiers in the battlefield. When the men of the king see the blade shining greatly, their morale is raised and with it they win the battles ahead of them. One battle, though, changes everything. The king's men were resting in the camp, planning their next method of attack. The King, was with them at one tent, with him were the court generals. Suddenly, arrows were fired from all sides, some soldiers were hit. "We're under ATTACK!!!!!" One of the soldiers shouted. " Men equip yourselves, ready for battle!" One of the generals shouted. "How is this possible? Were deep behind our allies-", wandered one of the generals. "The treaty is broken, we have been betrayed." The king answered.

The battle was bloody, even the sword, was bloodied by different men that the king has killed. He never wanted to hurt anyone or take any lives. "I would always find a way to the less bloodshed, these men do not deserve war, they have families that would want them back. I would give my life for them and when this happens, my son, I want you to understand."He remembered saying this to his son, he always put his life over others, that was the kind of king he is. "Fall Back!", the king ordered to his men. "There is no way we could go,except for the valley my lord, even if we fall back, we will be slaughtered in the way!" One of the remaining Generals answered. "Take the Valley of Kings and fall back to the cities, after, protect the cities with your life, I will hold them back." The king answered with no regret in his voice, he stayed valiant, with zeal and power. "But my lord-"

"That is An Order! You must fall back for my sake, and for the kingdom!" The king interrupted. The men were confused, but the king charged forth and they had to fall back, they knew, they felt it in their hearts. Somehow faith came by in their hearts telling them to follow the order.

The men retreated to the valley, in their minds, how could one man hold them back, long enough to make them cross the valley? Somehow, after a week the soldiers were able to survive without a single casualty during their retreat in the valley. Their Great king was able to hold the battle, to give the enemy enough casualties to fall back, but with it costed his life. Kneeling down, with his own blood all over his body, the king said smiling, with all his strength,"I'm coming home, my love."

Max later on received the news. Not a single tear was shed, from his eyes for he knew his father did die in glory, and he died for what he believed on. His father saved the lives of his men and his own kingdom. He knew that it was time for him to replace his father. Great as his father was, he promised that he will lead his kingdom to its greatness, and he will keep his promise.


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