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The Bleating Lamb

Updated on February 28, 2012
Wolf in Sheeps Clothing from naomese Source:
Wolf in Sheeps Clothing from naomese Source:
Denial from maswan Source:
Denial from maswan Source:
Revelation from Iman Source:
Revelation from Iman Source:

The Bleating Lamb

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Were truths so easy to realise,

then denial would be a pretence kept.

Yet within the void of seeking and finding,

denial wears sheep’s clothing,

lost in the masses of consideration.

Truth, however brutal,

becomes the weathered friend of loss,

hidden within the dark folds

of a captured soul,

a soul without light to see.

No-one seeks truth,

for it stands before us, arms flailing,

and we, engaged in our own deceit,

hold tightly the tattered threads of lies.

How fractured our minds,

each piece atoned and attached to lost ideals,

floating on a sea of bile,

freedom a past opportunity.

How lost our souls,

when reality serves another master,

eyes hidden in the shadow of a stage curtain,

a play of manipulation ensuing,

under the hot lights of treachery.

How fearful we are to avoid ourselves,

chilled whispers in darkened corridors,

peevish ghosts of former life,

regrets aloft in freedom spite.

Be gone deceitful lamb,

and open eyes for truth to live,

in this weary mind.


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