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A Short Story About The Blind Man

Updated on July 17, 2012

Deep in the shadows of the darkest forest lives a man whose greatest passion is licking lollypops. The forest is so thick that no ray of light ever reaches the ground. Because of darkness the man has lost his sense of vision so the only pleasures he can in enjoy in the endless gloomy black forest is listening to worms digging under earth and licking lollypops. There are also other minor pleasures this lonely man enjoys but well umm let's not discuss that. Since the sound of worms digging under earth may not impress ladies (if he ever met a single one, ok, a married one would do, our man is indeed desperate) he had chosen lollypops as his major hobby. Apparently there are some lollypops growing on the silent trees and the man keeps gathering them to satisfy his hunger in a delicious way. He is used to living in a small area. He wasn't created to be an explorer or the adventurous type. He'd miss a lot anyway because of his blindness. Though he damn wishes his creator wasn't that cruel. He wishes he lived on a sunny place somewhere in the middle of Africa and could see the sand in all its glory. He wishes he could see the sun and he wishes the sun would see him too. Maybe one day that would come true, maybe. He was created for a reason, wasn't he?


Well, the creator isn't cruel. Creators never are intentionally cruel. It just happens time after time that crippled men got generated so others could enjoy that they are so normal. Or maybe the creator is indeed a twisted and wicked person that blindness and loneliness could make the creator feel like a normal person. Maybe the creator herself is lonely and would create an imaginary man to keep her company? One can never know.
"What did you just say?"
"And you're a women, aren't you? The creator."
"I heard you. Maybe you were lonely and made a blind man for your pleasure."
"You are still there. I am blind but i can hear you. I can hear you typing."
"Mmm... Then you can't see what I type anyway."
"I can. The voice of narrator. I heard the whole story. And it was told by your voice."
"May I ask you a question? Did you exist before I started typing?"
"Yeah. I have a background you know - the forest, the worms, the lollypop trees."
"So it isn't me who invented you?" To be honest it feels uncomfortable. I am not sure if I am playing with myself, with my imagination or soaking weird stuff from Universe.
"No it is you. Simple as that."
"That can't be that simple. If things existed before I started to tell, it's not me who created the world you live in. And I'm not sure if I created you either."
"You created the forest and me, get over it. And you gave me the craving for women and here you are. And your soft voice."
I am not sure what to do. It would be so much easier to just delete the story and erase the man.
"No, please don't. Don't abort the person you have just created!"
"You know, if I really really do that no-one would ever find that out. It would be my personal secret. I may resurrect you at my pleasure if I ever need you." I kind of grinned since I knew very well that that would be true.
"Do you have no soul? Don't creators have souls? It just can't end like this. I have feelings too."

Oh, I can correct that fast. I can give you only one passion - lollypops and nothing more. I can erase all your dreams faster than you can blink your blind eyes. I can even make you not to wish anything. Or I can even make you wish your own death if that would calm you." I feel evil. A little bit evil but no-one cares about deleted fictional characters. I know this. I could live on. Even he could live on.
"But you want to publish this. I know."
Wait. You want to die. You want to die a painless death. And after death you will see the sun.
"The sun. There is nothing more in this life that I would like to see. Please kill me."
"And how about lollypops?"
"What lollypops?" The blind man drops the lollypop he is holding on the ground and tramples it.
"What are you willing to sacrifice to see the sun?"
"My whole life! Isn't that enough?"
"Oh my, what else can I offer."
"You still can hear and feel taste. There is a lot one man can sacrifice."
"Then cut my ears and tongue. Please, just let me see the sun." He falls down on his knees.
I feel a bit evil. I don't want to torture him. I just let him die.

The sun is merciless today. It heats the tops of trees with all its passion. The tops of trees start to burn. The flame tongues slowly but passionately try to reach the ground. As they approach the ground the man regains his vision. He is trying hard to repel the falling branches and keeps his head up to see the sun. Soon he sees the blueness of sky between the tree tops. And then the marvelous sun.
"If you just let the trees fall on you we'll be together forever". The sun whispers.
It's the first time in his life the man sees something so magnificent. He isn't sure if he should believe it. He just stares at the sun.
The sun is indeed merciless today. It heats the trees even harder and the man dies suffocated by the ashes of the place he used to live in, of his home - the gloomy forest.
Oh, that was easy. A bit dramatic, could have been better but anyway he died. Don't know if this makes much sense but it's worth to give it a try to publish. Though when I think so - it's quite awesome there is such thing as imagination. If I burned a city just to kill people, I'd be called insane and put into mental hospital. Thank god, there is literature and art in general where I can do whatever I want and I can't be blamed since "imaginary people are not real".
"Come on, that's not a thing to thank for. Imaginary people are real and you should know it well."
"Yeah, it's God."
I think I should stop writing.


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    • LewSethics profile image

      LewSethics 6 years ago

      Yikes! A thousand pardons, haha.

    • Eranofu profile image

      Eranofu 6 years ago from Europe

      Thank you. But I'm a girl. :P

    • LewSethics profile image

      LewSethics 6 years ago

      Dude, I dug the f**k out of this. Very cool.