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Dexter Morgan - The Blood Guy

Updated on February 5, 2016

Tonight's the night, and its going to happen again, and again...


Dexter as a novel character

Out of all the books I've read, not one of them has been quite on par with the uniqueness Dexter Morgan brings to the table.

By day he works with Miami Florida's Police Department as a blood spatter analyst. He is also a loyal boyfriend to his girlfriend Rita Bennett, and cares deeply for her two children, Cody and Astor. By Night, he tucks his first life away, and shows what he really is, a serial killer. Extremely good at pre-planning, setting up his 'kill room', he expertly and surgically uses an array of knives and other tools at is disposal, to top it off, he places pictures of the killer's victims and teaches them a final lesson, before he takes a bit of their blood on a glass slide and finishes them for good.

He isn't sure what made him this way, neither did his foster father Harry Morgan. Harry teaches him at a young age, until adulthood, about a 'code'. This code created Dexter what he is, a vigilante killer. He targets the people who society wouldn't care if they disappeared and leaves no trace of them behind. Whether they've been convicted of murder or put on trial for it. He knows how to find out, and using connections with his job at the Police Department, he can just about get a record on anyone.

Behind the creation of Dexter

I personally found the story behind Jeff Lindsay's creator of the character Dexter Morgan to be as interesting as the character itself.

Jeff Lindsay was sitting around during a meeting one day, he scribbled some ideas on a nearby napkin. He went into thoughts of how to create a character that was likable by a large group of people, but also reflected the secrets that people tend to have, that they forever keep to themselves and don't plan on telling anyone.

His first few idea focused on making a character who was usually despised and looked down on by society. This was his idea behind this character of his being something that people both feared and disliked, this was inspiration for his character to be a serial killer. Now he focused on his second idea, on the secrets he thought about earlier. These were reflected back into Dexter through his 'second life' as a serial killer. He then decided to put these two together and flesh out the form of a character, his only goal was to make him likable in the end.

I think Lindsay accomplished his goals, Dexter Morgan is a very well known name and to this day, Dexter Morgan is still a very popular figure in novel work.

The Book Series

The book series began in 2004 with the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter. (My favorite from the series) As the books progressed, you get to see the world of Dexter and his character more fleshed out. You get to see all the interesting situations he puts himself in, all of his targets, his personal life at the Miami PD, and his time with his girlfriend Rita. You'll also meet some characters that he's close to (in a sense) like his sister Debra Morgan. You'll have flashback sessions where he relives parts of his previous life, usually through conversations he's had that have stuck with him since childhood to his adult years.

You'll find the book series is loaded with a lot of light humor to take the dark themes and violent edges off and leave you smiling as you read on (I often laughed out loud)

Disclaimer : If you've already watched the showtime series, (I'll cover this shortly) you can be happy to know that the plots of both the Showtime series, and the books take different paths and adaptions at the end of Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

The Showtime Series

The showtimes series began in 2006. The first season of the show takes some of the plot from the first book of the series, after that both are extremely unrelated to the counterpart.

The Showtime Series mostly takes different adaptions. You might find several of the book characters act differently, or treat Dexter in a slightly changed and interesting manner. Either way, both of the books and the series let you into Dexter's life. Both capture his double lives, Blood Spatter Analyst by day, serial killer by night.

Same as the books, the showtime series is loaded with good moments, funny moments, and has some great punchlines that'll leave a smile on your face, and make you completely forget moments ago you just watched Dexter saw into someone's neck, or put body parts into a garbage bag.

Showtime! Warning : Strong Language

Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall in the Showtime Series



I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dexter Morgan, the character is unique, fascinating to watch, learn about, and is very interesting.

I loved seasons 1 and 2 of the Showtime series, they had some of the best and memorable scenes, as well my favorite plots. I did however feel that the series began losing its luster as it moved on, it started feeling very different to me. I must recommend you watch the entire season from start to finish.

The books kept me interested and I couldn't wait to read one after the other. For the interesting plot and differences from the series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter is my favorite book.

I hope I got you interested in giving Darkly Dreaming Dexter a read, or even wanting to try watching the showtime series.

You can find the books online for many various sites to either order and buy, or try your local library.

For the Showtime series, if you own Netflix then simply look up Dexter and you can begin watching the entire show!



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