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The Blue Angel

Updated on September 10, 2022
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author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

A striking blue angel hovered in a house for centuries, since his wings wouldn't mature. An artist came along and thought of a witty way to cheer the angel. The glorious angel confidently inspired, flew into the night sky for the first time ever.
A striking blue angel hovered in a house for centuries, since his wings wouldn't mature. An artist came along and thought of a witty way to cheer the angel. The glorious angel confidently inspired, flew into the night sky for the first time ever.

The Artist Needed a Place to Rest

In the days of the Renaissance era, an artist was obliged to travel many miles by horse and carriage to have his artwork displayed in an art gallery for sale.

As the artist traveled, a ghastly tempest sounded, and the heavy downpour muddled the dirt roads and rocked his coach terribly. The artist needed a place to rest, until the storm passed, except, everywhere he went to find shelter was fully occupied.

Finally, the artist rang the doorbell of a huge white house. The quarters seemed empty, and he needed to stay by the city's gates. Therefore, he decided to beg the doorman for a place to stay for the wee hours of darkness that was seemingly drawing nigh.

“I am cold and dripping wet, and tired of traveling in this thick mud caused by this torrential weather. Can you please loan me a room in your colossal home for tonight?”

“That is Ridiculous, Tonight Will Be Unremarkable!”

“Well, sure, said a dark man dressed in a white suit. Nevertheless, please realize every person who slumbers here, never ever leaves, since a Blue Angel watches every nook and cranny of this giant establishment. The angel dares to keep every person who snoozes in this residence captive.”

“That is ridiculous,” declared the artist bursting in mirth! “I am sure tonight will be unremarkable, and I will unquestionably be allowed to continue my journey in the morning. I am expected to host an incredible art show at the city center tomorrow afternoon and I'm pressed to arrive on time.”

“Come along,” alleged the humble man, “and enter at your own risk. You can take the bedroom at the far end of this long corridor, Sir.”

“Thank you, gentleman,” politely whispered the artist as he quickly gathered his bags, walked to his room, and sat on a huge blue bed. He looked around and inspected his room and behold, everything seemed kosher and up to par. There was no sign of a blue angel or anything peculiar. Therefore, he fixed himself a light snack, took a warm shower and went straight to bed.

Why Are You So Blue, Sweet, Little Angel?

Late in the evening, he awoke to the sound of someone terribly sobbing by his bed. There at the foot of his bed was a striking blue angel weeping, and grumbling!

“What’s wrong,” inquired the artist?

“I have been confined to this old, rugged house for centuries doing the same thing every day since my tiny wings never matured,” declared the angel.

“Is this why you are so blue,” stated the artist sadly.


“Well have you ever tried to change your color,” said the artist with enthusiasm.

“What do you mean,” proclaimed the blue angel? “I was created with a blue hue, and I know I can’t alter my radiance since I turn bluer and darker as the night sky sets in.”

“I have a remedy for you, sweet angel. I have a gorgeous white costume with glowing feathered wings in my valise. Why don’t you try it on, to see if it makes you feel better?”

The blue angel hastily puts on the outfit, and he instantly beamed and glowed with a new ray of light. His wings fluttered and elongated in new-found disbelief, and he twinkled like a star. His cold tears turned to joy.

“Wow, I bet you could fly away now,” declared the artist.

"Naturally, I am positively sure I can,” smiled, the blue angel from ear to ear, as he leaped on the window pane and vanished into the night sky.

The artist then fell into the most peaceful slumber and awoke refreshed in the morning.

The concierge prepared breakfast for everyone and the artist ate to his heart’s delight. Afterward, he greeted each person goodbye!

You Can't Leave Since You Met the Blue Angel!

“You can’t leave,” insisted the doorman! “You are stuck here with us since you saw and spoke to the blue angel.

“I beg your pardon, I am not stuck here with you,” declared the artist! “The stunning blue angel flew away and will not ever return to your eloquent quarters. Now, if you would please excuse me, I have places to go and things to do! Thank you again for your generous hospitality, farewell and tootle hex, Sir.”

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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