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The Blue Between Sky and Water

Updated on February 8, 2020
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I am an avid reader and a student of literature, who loves to explore the underlying themes that make a novel irresistable.

O find me I'll be in that blue between sky and water where all time is now and we are the forever flowing like a river

I finished this book a few days back and i am in the worst book hangover ever. This book has touched me in the best way possible and has left an ever expanding Chasm in my chest. Throughout the book i had a lump in my throat as it narrates the trouble and sorrow ridden lives of Palestinians.

My rating of the book :- 5/5

About the author

Susan Abulhawa was born in one of the many refugee camps in Palestine and her father was a freedom fighter. She took up the task of accentuating the atrocities committed by Israeli forces. She successfully mixes historical facts and folklore with fiction. Susan’s writing style is poignant and profound and i must say that she has made her place in my heart.

About the book

The blue between sky and water is a brave book that reclaims the right of Palestinians to return to their stolen land. It tours the life in refugee camps and paints a true picture of the on going siege in Palestine. It makes the reader’s heart bleed for innocent Palestinians, whose lives have been turned upside down by Israeli forces. The storyline is marvellous and deeply emotive as it follows the story of baraka Family residing in a village of palestine, eldest daughter nazmiyah looks after her mentally ill and windowed mother, her brother Mamdoh works to provide for the family amd the younger sister mariam with her mismatched eyes talks to an imaginery friend khaled and learns to write from him. The story is put in action when the israeli forces descend on the village and everyone is forced to leave their homes and live in refugee camps, the palestinians are tested to their limits and are made the victim of horrible atrocities. After many years Mamdoh’s granddaughter nur living in America and working as a Psychologist Visits palestine for the treatement of a kid named khaled who is tarpped in his body and is in a permanent state of coma, khaled is the grandson of Nazmiyah, it is through khaled that nur will discover her absent family and ties of kinship. This book has made me hate, love and cry in equal measures, it pays homage to the resilience and deep suffering of the Palestinians. Palestinians have lost so much that there is not even a single person in Palestine who has not lost someone he loved. This book provides you a close up of the heroism and valour of the courageous people of palestine and how they manage to live, laugh,fight and love amid relentless loss, indeed Palestinians have epitomized what we call resilience to continue living with gratitude and cherished faces even when the hopes are scarce. This is a book about and for Palestinian women who have not given up in the face of horrendous war and torture but continue to love and teach endurance to people around them. I love how Susan has weaved real life heroes like Dr Madz Gilbert and Rachel corrie in a work of fiction to give the impression that this novel is not solely a work of fiction but these are the ground realities of Palestine, Susan has beautifully and poignantly staged the plight of the people of Palestine. Throughout the book i cursed at the zionist and cried for the palestinians. This book is a masterpeice by an extremely mature and amazing writer, i bet you people will not regret reading this.

Happy Reading !


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