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The Book is Better - The Hunger Games

Updated on March 26, 2012

The much anticipated movie The Hunger Games, based off of the best selling novel by author Susanne Collins, premiered all over the world this weekend. While the movie was well done and followed both the plot and the sprit of the novel closely, the book is better.

The Story

The Hunger Games in a novel set in post United States North America in a nation called Panem. 74 years prior to the novel there was an uprising against the Capitol. After the Capitol won and all of the districts were turned into what looks an awful lot like concentration camps, the Hunger Games were instated. They are a yearly event where two children between the ages of 12 and 18 are taken from their district and forced to fight to the death on national television. The novel follows Katniss the girl from district 12, and her journey through the Games and her struggle for survival so that she can get back to her family and continue to care for them. There is a love triangle that includes Petta, the boy from her district that is in the Games as well, and Gale, a childhood friend that she left behind. The romance is only second to the rest of the story though.

The Book

The book is an easy and enjoyable read that can be for pure entertainment of, if you want to read into it, be a clear example of social commentary on violence and the American obsession with train wrecks and reality TV. The book is good primarily because of the character development and complexity. Katniss will more than likely go down as a literary heroine while Edward and Jacob are quickly fading into wisps of memories in the minds of teens everywhere as Petta and Gale take center stage.

The Movie

While the camera is shaky and there is too much visual movement at times that’s about the worst thing that can be said about the film. If you read the book and see the movie you will quickly find out that things were glossed over or even left out and even if you haven’t read the book you may get the feeling that you are missing something as you watch the film. That just more incentive to read the book though. Even though things are left out it is still a good movie with things that will attract a wide audience. There is romance, action, drama, blood and violence but nothing is so over done that it out weighs another aspect of the movie, there might not be enough of what drew you to the story but there wont be an over abundance of what you hate either.


In the end the movie while good works better as something that augments the books and not as a stand alone. if you are only going to either watch or read and not do both pick read because the book is better.


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