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The Boundary Between Light and Despair: Chapter THREE [Hikari to zetsubō no sakaime]

Updated on August 7, 2011

Chapter three: The Holy War:

Uri sat for breakfast staring at a vast set of unidentifiable eyes who stared back at her in disbelief. “I am Jason”, said the slim face with brown hair and green eyes. Looking at his slender body as he seated himself on the opposite side of the long mahogany looking table, Uri notice his glittering eyes. She eyed him with disbelief. Although most of his fuzzed up hair covered his face, Uri could see a weird looking rune in the center of his pupil. She stared and as they locked their eyes the flood of emotion and images invaded her mind. Suddenly she was taken to a car crash scene. The smell of burned flesh floated in the air. She saw two twisted bodies in the driver’s and passenger’s seat. These were the bodies of Jason’s mother and father. Jason, barely conscious was stuck in the back seat watching his parents burn alive. “Stop it, Sore o teishi, それを停止,!”

“Jason, I told you to keep that eye patch of yours on around our guest!”, said the man who was entering the room. Wearing his traditional kimono he almost floated to his seat elegantly taking the most prestigious and strategic location on the breakfast table. “I am Kakkashi, the necromancer and soon enough I will tell you all what you need to know, but, first we have breakfast then get down to business”.

Uri took another look at his white hair. Sure enough, Kakkashi’s hair was white but his face declared him not more than twenty-six. To Uri, Kakkashi was beyond traditional beauty. He almost rivaled Sodom’s own godly-given exquisiteness.

“Don’t be deceived by his looks. Beware of something nasty acting to be something nice!”, those were the words Sodom spoke into Uri’s mind just before digging into the plate that was set infront of him. Uri nodded silently and watched Misaki and the five different alien people around her eat their breakfast silently.

After breakfast Uri and Sodom were lead into Kakkashi’s study room. The room was marvelous in its colorfulness. With several lively paintings around the room, one ancient grim looking painting caught Uri’s eyes. The painting featured an exquisite looking girl. The green eyes of the girl in the portrait stared directly at Uri. The red hair slid gracefully on her heart shaped face. Had Uri been a believer of ancient Greek mythology, she would have thought the girl in the painting was a goddess of some sort. “Aurora, the defiled virgin, the half goddess half mortal one of Zeus’s own daughters. A sign of dismay showed on Kakkashi’s face, but seconds later that same man wore his business face, telling Uri about the holy war.

“The holy war that is what our ancestors called it. Holy, the priests say because it involved the daughters of Zeus in the past and it still does. It started a million years ago when the gods of Olympus reigned over human life and watched over them carefully. Yet, when Aurora one of Zeus’s daughters was taken captive by Hades the god of the underworld the peace that reined over the human world was distorted. Yet Hades couldn’t keep Aurora’s soul trapped in the underworld for Aurora the half goddess was not dead and hence Hades had no claim on her soul. Thus Hades the hateful vengeful god of the underworld sought the help of Morpheus, the god of the dream world. Morpheus the mischievous sealed Aurora’s soul in the dream world only accessible to Hades and himself. When word reached Zeus’s daughters, Athena the grey eyed goddess of wisdom and Artemis the brave assembled their armies and marched to the underworld demanding their sister back. The armies met next to the river of Acheron where one of the most godly battles took place. The disciples of Zoldon part of Athena’s army tried to take over the city that stood by the side of the river. Meanwhile, Morpheus had Hades enter Aurora’s dream world and hence, Aurora fell prey to Hades’s insinuation thus getting her pregnant in the dream world. The armies at Acheron were evenly matched that it took both of Artemis and Athena’s army seven months to finally set foot into the city only to find Aurora committing suicide after waking up from Morpheus’s dream world. With the disdainful scene of Aurora hung from her bed sheets outside her bedroom varenda, Athena and Artemis both cast spells sealing Hades’ powers and destroying his human vessel that existed in the human world and allowed him to walk on human land. Then after sealing his army in time and space, Aurora’s body was presented to the council of Elders in Olympus and Zeus passed judgment. Hades’ body was to be sealed in a distant world away from the cosmic interference of the other demi-gods where as Aurora’s body was to be buried in her shrine in Baalbek in Phoenicia. Yet 5 decades ago, a group of dark mages was able to attain the spiritual body of Hades from his eternal prison and have been on the hunt for a human vessel thus bringing the holy war to the doorstep of the human world. The gods at Olympus were outraged by the defiling acts of the mages and decided to let the holy war take place on lower earth thus resurrecting the spirit of Artemis, Athena and anyone who participated in the past holy war in order to end this war for eternity. Yet the gods also made a pact and a holy binding contract between the Olympian lords and the underworld demi-gods never to interfere with the battle between the chosen vessels of any warrior from the past. This is the tradition of the holy war, for each and everyone you see here is the reincarnation of a past warrior. This war has been going on for centuries, for each side has been reclaiming its warriors preparing itself for the ultimate battle which in 10000 years will take place on human land. The holy war has upon us child and you have to conjure your powers before hell breaks loose, for the demi-god’s disciples have already claimed Hades’ vessel, a body of a warrior strong enough to withstand the power of the lord of the underworld! Yet you too have a duty to serve, not only to the Goddesses of Olympus but also to mankind. This Holy war is nothing like the past wars for we are forsaken even by the gods themselves and humanity will suffer as a result of this war!”



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