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The Boundary Between Light and Despair: Chapter TWO [Hikari to zetsubō no sakaime]

Updated on August 6, 2011

This is Chapter two :D

Chapter Two: Connected Hearts:

“ There is nothing to fear even when the night is pitch black with faith in your heart

Darkness, heart-dominating might descend but the light of faith will tear it apart

Its power will shine and resonate within the hearts of believers that don’t waver

Those indulging themselves in the rivers of humility knowledge and prayer

God will grant his soldiers power to defeat the excruciating dark

And the battle of days will ignite the heavens and earth in a spark

Yet God’s glory, Almighty will shine beyond heaven and earth […]

For all believers, he is the creator the granter of life and breath

Yet when we all in the pitfall of our weakness, God with his will grants us forgiveness

And instead of darkness, tranquility sets it bring balance to the raging emotions of madness”

She heard his voice call from within her darkness. Every word he spoke was spoken so elegantly. And sometimes he felt so ancient, like an ancient soul that has lived and seen through every trial god has laid upon man. She knew his voice for he was the voice of her dreams. Uri felt his word seep into her troubled soul, washing away the insanity of the past days, as well as the primal fear that has taken over her body and mind. With mere words he had her powers sealed and she felt herself drift into long lasting sleep. “Rest my child”, were the last words he spoke and she drifted into eternal sleep.

She saw the wolf again. Just like her past childhood dreams, he stood there staring at her with the same look she remembered him with. But in the distant past he was just a cub with grey spiky fur. Now, he was a full grown-up wolf, armed with fangs which he never showed and sympathetic eyes. His coat was dark charcoal now with some weird silver stripes arranged randomly on his body. Uri yearned to touch that coat of his and rub her hands over his body just for reassurance. She has wanted to do so for a long time since her childhood dreams, but of all people, Uri knew that that cub-full grown wolf was just a dream. He was make belief!

Yet Uri felt the loneliness plunge into her heart again. Suddenly without speaking a word the wolf now in full form thanks to the slight moonlight approached Uri’s fragile body. The wolf now placing its head on Uri’s shoulders remained there without moving a muscle. With one glimpse, Uri could study his grey predator’s eyes. Those were the eyes of a predator, yet deep inside those grey eyes where pools of tangled emotions, with sympathy among them.

Uri sat in silence for hours, maybe minutes with the wolf’s bulky body breathing next to her own. She didn’t mind the feeling of tranquility that soaked her aching body. And so, she sat silently drenched in her own misery with a wolf next to her fragile body. Uri notice the moon. It shined so brightly over her pitch black hair as well as the wolf’s muscled bulk for a body. For once, she let her arm embrace his warm body forcing herself into a trance. She laid her hand on his shoulders and let out those silenced cries of hers. For the first time in seven months she cried. Yet, these cries were different. They weren’t silenced with her hand and soon her cries turned into moans and howls. Her anger and pain now unleashed for the first time shook the silent forest. Tears which have been repressed for months flowed just like the river which has been constrained for months due to the dam finally allowed freedom. In her moment of silence, Uri dug her nails deep into the wolf’s fur searching for tranquility, or maybe for someone to shoulder her pain.

For once, the busy forest stood witness to the cruelty of the world. The owls that preyed on the gifts of the night stood nearby constrained by her pain. Petrified, the predators of the forest listen to her cries enduring her soreness and misery. The moles and the mice sat in their dark homes below the dirt praying the sky to bring silence to the forest. Yet, of all the animals in the troubled forest who share Uri’s troubled emotions, only the wolf sat there in silence sharing her pain and silence. With sympathy in its eyes, the wolf was the only entity to shoulder Uri’s eternal boulder of trials. Uri felt the wolf’s snout on her neck. And soon, his thoughts would brush onto her own, “Cry for me. Let it all out for I will be your shoulder, your anchor that prevents your little patched boat from sinking into the dark distressed sea of disturbed emotions. I will be your anchor, the anchor that drowns to keep the ship floating. I will not betray you! Your sorrow is mine, and mine is yours for our hearts are connected. I am Sodom”

Minutes passed by without Uri letting go of Sodom’s fur. She held on to him tighter and tighter, hearing his pulse resonate within hers. She plunged her nails further into his coat asking yet silently never to be left alone again. Soon she saw a light tear the pitch black sky of the forest. And just like the mist, the dream started to fade. Uri held tighter never wanted to let go of Sodom. Yet, her grip was slipping with ever second. The weird hikari [light] started to invade their surrounding. And in mere seconds she was forced into consciousness.

Opening her blurry eyes, Uri saw a girl with her arms extended over her body. Purplish or amethyst colored hikari was flowing out of her hands into Uri’s body. The hikari was blinding, soothing, but invading as well. “This is Misaki, she is our white-lighter. Right now she is healing your injuries. Have no fear”, said the voice that appeared to enter the room. The blurry face made a gesture and Misaki focused on Uri’s body injuries further. Terrified by the set of alien eyes that stared at her like a specimen on a petri-dish, Uri forced her mouth to shape the words that kept her safe. She shouted his name in an unrecognizable tone terrified to death, “SODOM!!!”

A couple of seconds later, the room shook. It was worse that an earthquake for everything shattered in its place. The vase on the table next to her exploded to pieces, yet the water inside the vase stood in mid-air as if someone hit the pause button on a remote control. The glass was mere ash now and everything stood in time frozen. The roof shook with the extravagant force forming on the floor and soon the floor cracked showing a dark pentagram. With a flash stronger than lightening a body appeared. Dressed in leather and emitting an aura that knocked Misaki off her feet, he was there. “Sodom!”, yet he was in human form.

Sodom hissed showing his fangs. The fangs where what terrified Misaki forcing herself to drag her body a couple of steps backwards. Yet, Uri was taken by his appearance that she didn’t notice Misaki crawling on the ground out of fear in a submissive state. “Master,” Sodom spoke kneeling in front of Uri. His body arched up in a split of a second and he wore his fangs to the public that stared in disbelief. “Zettai Muri” [it’s impossible], were the only words Misaki spoke as she crawled further.

“I have told you not to scare my subordinated,” the blurry man at the entrance who spoke earlier and introduced Misaki said. “We fight this Holy War on the same side this time,” the voice added.

Sodom replied while holding his position next to Uri, “Don’t patronize me Necromancer, a pact is a pact but I swear I will banish you to eternal torment if you lay one finger on my master. Even death and eternal suffering in hell can be a blessing for immortal necromancer like you. Mark my words!”

Chapter One:


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