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"The Bro Code" - Worth The Price?

Updated on April 25, 2014

The official cover of the book:

Let's start with a few words about the show!

How I Met Your Mother is a hit sitcom and romantic comedy produced by Carter Bays, Pamela Fryman, Rob Greenberg and Craig Thomas. The show features a total of 9 seasons and 208 episodes running from September of 2005 to March of 2014. It tells a story of Ted Mosby's (played by Josh Radnor) pursuit to find the girl of his dreams, accompanied by his 4 best friends who help him along the way. The friends are made of Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen (played by Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel) who stick together as a couple throughout the show, Robin Scherbatsky (played by Cobie Smulders) who is an ambitious and beautiful TV presenter and the girl that Ted falls in love with, and finally Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris), the all so skilled playboy and the wingman of Ted.
The show received excellent reviews with IMDb giving it 8.6/10 and a 9/10.

The Always Classy Barnabus Stinson

Barney Stinson

Barnabus "Barney" Stinson is one of the main characters of "How I Met Your Mother" portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. He is known for his style of wearing suits, playing laser tag, loving the single life and being a player who uses many creative ways to sleep with girls. He is also considered the show's breakout character. Appearing in every episode, Barney seems to never fail the viewers expectations. He is a histrionic in his mid-thirties who had grown up without knowing who father is. In the earlier seasons he is a huge womanizer but later he gets involved in more serious relationships, the biggest one being with Robin. He has grown a big fan base and has a lot of catchphrases like "Suit up!" and tries to live life to the fullest, describing the things he does as "Legendary" .

The Bro Code in General

The Bro Code is a popular book appearing in the show and written by Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn. Published in October of 2008 by Simon & Schuster it represents a humorous moral etiquette for men to follow. It is currently available as a paperback, an e-book and an audio book. It has a total of 208 pages and is followed by the book "Bro on the Go"

Content of the Book

As we said earlier, The Bro Code has 208 pages. On the first page of the book there is an inscription: "For me, the best Bro I know.", beginning with style that someone would expect from Barney. The table of contents in the book features The Introduction, What is a Bro?, Brocabulary, Origin, The Bro Code, Amandments, Violations and Glossary. The Introduction and What is a Bro? parts are those with which the book starts. In them the author introduces us to The Bro Code itself. It is followed by the Brocabulary section which explains the use on the 'Bro' usage and after that a section called Origin that gives us the whole back story to this book and how it was made. Then the main part of the book starts, streching across 179 pages, the code itself. The book finishes off with Amandments, Violations and Glossary which give us certain rules and violations of the code, the punishments and the words that have a lot of meaning in the life of a Bro.

Articles of the Code

The book's main feature is a set of articles designed as an etiquette for a Bro to follow.
There are a total of 150 articles that portray what a life of a Bro should be. Some of the articles are short, while others are as long as several pages. A lot of them have an unusual and whitty way of describing the true meaning of the article. Also, they are filled with real life examples or those that are featured in the show. Barney uses some articles to bring up his name or something legendary that he did, that has something to do with it, and often compliments himself in the code. The first, and most important and well known article is "Bros before ho's".


My opinion

If you are a fan of the show, this book is must-have book for you. It will definietly make you laugh a lot and it is very interesting to read. I would also recommend buying the "Playbook" or "Bro on the Go". If you are have not watched the show, I would also fully recommend you to do so as it will leave you speechless.

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