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The Broken Writer

Updated on March 6, 2013

The Broken Heart


The Broken Writer

Quietly, he sat at his desk and thought about her. The same woman that shattered his heart, with lies. The woman had broken his spirit, and turned a gentle man into a weakened soul.

As he sat there, he ran his fingers through his hair and wondered, ‘Have I done something wrong?’

He held his head, with arms propped upon the old wood desk. Many thoughts raced through his mind. Was he not good enough for her? Did his work keep him from her? He knew that it had but she had promised to be patient and wait for him until his work was completed.

As he sat back, in the office chair, he sighed heavily and stared at the flickering cursor on a blank page. With, or without her, he knew he had to continue. After all, his work was not about her, and although it was for her, he was bound to finish by obligation, alone.

Alone…the emptiness he felt in his heart from the lies she had told. Ask her for those lies, and they would have been, denied unto the death but his heart knew. He knew. She had lied to him for the last time and the distraction of her was, no longer wanted and no longer needed.

Quietly, he sat there and wondered why she kept secrets. Why did she keep her friends from him? ‘Is there any good in her,’ he thought to himself.

“Shake her from your mind,” he said, aloud as he tried to break free from the thought of her.

He stood up from his desk and slowly walked into the kitchen. Tears would burn at his eyes but he could not allow even a single tear to trail down his face. He would not allow himself to cry for the loss of her, the anger he felt for her and the truth he had hidden from himself.

She was no good and he knew it. He knew that she had lied to him so many times but he loved her, so he buried the truth just to keep her close to him. Is this not the way of us all? Hoping for love, begging for love only to get the little breadcrumbs they give us.

He walked into his simple, little kitchen and poured a glass of tea as he wrestled with himself to break free of thinking about her. Nevertheless, how could he? She had broken his heart and there it lay, bleeding on the ground and void of life.

He placed the tea pitcher back in his refrigerator and grabbed up his glass of tea before he walked over to the sink to look out the window. A thick fog glowed within the light of a street lamp, as he stood there and longed for the days when things were, as he always hoped they would be.

“I can’t do this,” he swore, as he stepped away from the sink and quickly, walked back into the living room.

After placing his tea carefully at his desk, he sat back down and stared at the screen. The cursor, ever faithful, flickered in anticipation of him writing. Finally, he rested his hands on the edge of the desk as he poised his fingers to strike at the keys.

“If I cannot forget her, then I will write about her and the world will know what she has done to me,” he declared.

His fingers came to life and the words became his sword against the evil she had wrought upon him. Sentence after sentence, flew from his mind as the cursor, eagerly moved along to brand her forever in the, annuls of time.

Then, he sat back…his fury written and yet he knew…he knew he would always love her. He could never trust her but the love he had for her would never go away…never leave him, like a haunting memory, he would carry his love for her, always.


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    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thanks bturn12...I relaly glad you enjoyed this short-story. Fill free to read some of my other work to, if you like.

    • bturn12 profile image

      bturn12 7 years ago from united states

      This is an amazing story.

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 7 years ago

      My pleasure, W.K. Hayes. Let me then reiterate that the title of this hub attracted my attention, and that my interest only grew because of the eye-catching image. It is a very well-written story, soft and gentle, yet intense in a way that appeals to the reader's emotions.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you Website Examiner...your advice and encouragment are always well-received by me and I owe you a debt of gratitude.

      As for your request, I have removed the discussion between us but they help you have given me will not be forgotten. Thank you.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you SDY53...I am glad you found this story engaging and that you enjoyed it. Forgiveness is always the easier part but to forget that one's trust has been broken...well, that's not an easy thing to do. The stigma of broken-trust haunts like a shadow in the mind.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you Rhonda...Love is Yin and Yang...sometimes we get the light, sometimes we get the darkness. The more we try to love the more chances we take on getting hurt but for me, it's always worth the risk.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you Hubpageswriter...This story was totally felt and what you said is true...the darkest part of a person's life makes for the best writings. Edgar Allan Poe is a great example of this and a fore-father to us all and the, Short Story. Imagine if he had a hub here, today.

      Still, as time permits,I will turn this into a book and dedicate to you, Cracknutcase and Fiddleman. 3 is my lucky number and with all three of you saying I should do this, well, that is good enough for me.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you Cracknutcase...I will definitely keep your recommendation in mind. Most of the time, I will write about the joys of love but every once in a while, I get reminded of the horrors of love, too.

      Thank you too Fiddleman...In between you and Cracknutcase, I am convinced to do more with this work and when I do, I will be sure to let both of you know.

      Thank you two have made my day!

    • sdy53 profile image

      sdy53 7 years ago

      Very piquant capturing of the vicissitudes and stress that one can experience when dealing with an unfaithful partner.

      Raises the age old question of to Forgive or not to Forgive.

      Perhaps possible to forgive but NOT forget.

      Thank You

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Wow W.K. this life is about experiences either good or bad. You are a great writer. Whoever she is it is her loss. I bet you are a sweet gentle, loving man. I read that in your words.

      Sweet wishes Rhonda

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      I agree with fiddleman, this could very well become a book or a great movie. Such a good and moving story you've got here. It is something like vengeance writing, from the way I look at it. Correct me if I'm wrong though, but normally great writings are formed when an emotion is totally felt. Like in your story, a broken-heart of a man. I read from start to finish, you have a fan in me.=) If you don't mind, I'm taking a look at some of your other hubs.

      By the way, this line is totally sweeping: "“If I cannot forget her, then I will write about her and the world will know what she has done to me,” he declared." - Such clarity of emotion, well felt by me as a reader. Thanks for sharing this.

    • profile image

      Fiddleman 7 years ago

      A great write and good read. It could very well become a book or even a movie.

    • Cracknutcase profile image

      Cracknutcase 7 years ago from India,bangalore

      This is just amazing...! Add me onto ur fanlist forever and ever and ever..!! Please turn this hub into a short story or a novel...

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you MCAT4...I look forward to reading your work as well...Fact is...I'm heading right there.Thanks again for reading my story.

    • MCAT4 profile image

      MCAT4 7 years ago from New Zealand

      W.! This is brilliant and a spell bounding compilation of words from beginning to end... you had me by the hook, line and sinker. Your words easily gave a crystal clear visual and the rumbling of anxiety within me was carried to the last word. Loved it!

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you Shyla's Nana...what is life without experiences...good or bad?

    • Shyla's Nana profile image

      Shyla's Nana 7 years ago

      This is such a sad story, out of the norm for you. I would never lie to the man I love. There's no need to lie about anything. But, I am sorry if someone broke your heart. Now, onto happier thoughts. Ready for the next love poem installment Mr. Hayes. Thanks for sharing this with us. Take care.


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