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The Brown Mountain Lights-(Unsolved Mysteries)

Updated on July 31, 2011
Brown Mountain Lights.
Brown Mountain Lights. | Source

An unexplained light display has been occurring on Brown Mountain for generations; and for generations no one has been able to determine the source of the light show. The mysterious lights appear at dusk and can be seen for hours. At times the lights seem stationary and twinkle, and at other times they move around at great speed. One sighting might be of bright white lights, another might be red, or other colors that glow, get brighter, and then eventually fade away--or speed off to an unknown location.

Accounts of sightings have been reported as early as 1913 in the Charlotte Daily Observer. A local fisherman noticed the lights (in this case they were red) and conveyed the occurrence to the local authorities. The US Geological Survey investigated, but could not determine with any certainty the source.

The lights can be best viewed from the Blue Ridge Parkway Overlooks at mile posts 302 and 301. The lights do not appear every night, but they are present often enough to elicit a great deal of curiosity seekers.

In 1983 an ongoing scientific research program had been established to study the lights. Project Hessdalen was initiated by Dr. Erling Strand. In 1998 an automated scientific research station was built (Hessdalen AMS), which studies and records the mysterious phenomena. Some of the leading international research organizations who are a part of this project are Ostfold University in Norway and the Italian National Research Council.

One of the best vantage points, Wisemans View, is about 4 miles from Linville Falls, NC, and the best time of year to see them is reportedly September through early November.

I will be traveling to North Carolina in August of this year. If I get any further information about this unexplained occurrence, I'll pass it on. for more information, or go to YouTube for many videos of the phenomena.


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