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The Mosh Pit - A Poem

Updated on November 23, 2012
The Bucket Boyz in full swing
The Bucket Boyz in full swing | Source

The dancefloor is a crowd

Of drunken sweaty bods

The band

Called The Bucket Boyz

Could be described as yobs

As drunkenly they prepare

To play a bucket as their drum

A banjo and a broomstick bass

Everyone has come

To see this spectacle...

Jostling for space

A strange energy in the air

Instead of politely waiting

It's like the crowd don't care

Who they push

Or elbow

Trying to get to the front

Confusion and fear hit me

I escape for another drink

Of absinthe

From the Absinthe Bar

That will make me brave

Enough to join the crowd again

Who surely could behave

A little better

Coz we're British you know

Famous for being polite

Those elbows hitting chins and things

Really only might be caused

By the excitement

Of the music that's to come

So back I go

Into the crowd

Absinthe made me numb!

Absinthe, the cause of madness throughout history...
Absinthe, the cause of madness throughout history... | Source

Who better than The Bucket Boyz

To see on Saturday night

Music straight from Tennessee

Should be a sheer delight.

Into the crowd I struggle

Avoiding getting hurt

Then the band start playing

And I'm thrown into a world

Called a mosh pit

People push

And leap

Into the middle

Hundreds deep

I join in laughing

People falling everywhere

I manage to remain upright

But otherwise I care

Little for injury

Or remaining safe

I dive about

Push people back

A woman falls

I help her up

Like a teenager

I laugh

And "mosh"

The last song comes

And tiredness hits

Because I'm not that young you know

And all this moshing

Has made me slow

So for the end

I stand aside

Cheer and clap

But let others ride

The excitement

Of this mad mad gig

Tennessee folk and Irish Jig

But then I realise

All too late

That this may very well

Be my fate

The last time that I ever



I'm afraid I'll miss

The last chance

That I get to kiss

This excitement

Fuelled by drunken fun

So back into the pit

I run

And push my friend

Who pushes back

We wrestle


My finger snaps

Under the weight

Of my friend

And here my sorry tale will end

With a warning

For you all to heed



And the need

For raucous folk

You could get hurt

And sympathy

Will not be yours


Friends will say

And a hangover

That won't go away

While you wait

For that x-ray

So if your age is 30 plus

Heed my words,

Avoid this fuss!

Despite my injury caused by my drunken stupidness, the Bucket Boyz are actually a superb band, so if you like Tennessee folk music played on a plastic bucket, then watch this video of one of their gigs... be warned though, there is some swearing, and also the need to throw yourself at a friend and wrestle them to the floor may be too hard to resist! Enjoy!


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    • Jennifer Stone profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Stone 

      6 years ago from the Riverbank, England

      That's a great story Epi! I'm amazed (and relieved of course) that you didn't get hurt... the brandy probably helped! LOL (I'd have done the same... ;-) )... Bet that gig was awesome! Thanks for the visit my friend... always making me smile, stopped snowing now and turned to rain... boo! All the best, Jen

    • epigramman profile image


      6 years ago

      can't believe no one has been here yet! This is fookin' awesome Jennifer - and I've been in a few mosh pits of my own (other than my sad love life - lol) and one infamous time - I was right up front for the wild Irish band - The Pogues with Shane McGowan - and I was wearing sterling silver toe caps on my black shoes and one of them got stomped on and came off so in a panic I went down on my hands and knees to retrieve it - big mistake - I got knocked over and lost my toe cap so I finally get back on my feet and a woman I've never met before hands me her brandy flask and the crowd carries me away from her but I still hand her brandy flask so I end up drinking the whole dam thing and find her at the end of the gig which is a miracle in itself with a crowd that big and hand her back her 'empty' flask.

      Mighty fine gig though. That is my mosh pit story for you although I didn't brave the mosh pit in the same venue when Iggy Pop and then another gig the Dead Kennedys and later on - The Cramps played there - I sat up in the bleachers. lol

      Just got home from work and listening to the fabulous Slits - check 'em out on You Tube especially their cover of I heard it through the grapevine - sending you warm wishes and good energy from lake erie time 5:20am canada


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