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The Burning

Updated on November 1, 2009


He said he would set me free 
everything in me cries misery
unforgiveness haunting
dark shadows on the wall
Promises-promises telling me 
Something surreal
As I confide
A Farris wheel of feelings
like twisted steel 
reeling inside
I stare at the ceiling
Imagining the pleasure
that death could bring
If he touches me
Tormenting myself
Defined by this hell
burning in me
Dividing asunder
Marrow and bone
Desperate now I flounder
Driven up and down
Like a ship at sea
The faces turn to powder
Burning Burning Burning
Memories still clinging 
Like a white sheet
Around his face
As he prays,
"Father, my soul to keep..."


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    • profile image

      mando 6 years ago

      Been there

    • Chad A Taylor profile image

      Chad Taylor 6 years ago from Somewhere in Seattle...

      Thank you

    • Zaiden Jace profile image

      Zaiden Jace 6 years ago from Oregon

      I can't even find the words to express how brilliant that poem is. It is truly amazing.

    • brandonfan profile image

      brandonfan 7 years ago from Mid West

      Very powerful Chad. I liked it, even though it was so dark.

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 7 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Wow, powerful imagery in your words! This is bookmarked as of NOW...

      Fave lines:

      "A Farris wheel of feelings

      like twisted steel"


      "Desperate now I flounder

      Driven up and down

      Like a ship at sea

      The faces turn to powder."

    • profile image

      mewlhouse 8 years ago

      Nice pic.

    • Army Infantry Mom profile image

      Army Infantry Mom 8 years ago

      I can't believe no one left any comments yet,..your an awesome poet. Haunteningly deep emotion, kind of reading !!