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The Butcher Of Baghdad.

Updated on January 22, 2010

The Butcher Of Baghdad.


So we got the
butcher of Baghdad
an old man in a hole
without contacts, cell phones
radios, or any communicating device
without connections to 9/11
without weapons of mass destruction
But the Iraqi people are avenged
for the mass murder of countless
innocent "Iraqi" lives....'Hurray!'
Praise God! Praise Allah but reserve
all the rest of the praise solely
for our brave troops that
took him down and removed him
many tears were shed for those who died trying
A humanitarian effort that came about
at the cost of 452 American lives
and hundreds of allies as well
then add hundreds of, thousands of,
innocent Iraqi civilians
they will not allow a count
it is considered derogatory
to the war effort......
how many Americans were murdered
by infiltrators of
the Al-quida network...a.k.a. Bin laden
what if we had gotten to him first?
snuck in and shot this war criminal
without warning...or advertising our plans
without asking the U.N. for permission
to kill a mad dog, who admitted to 9/11
just some crack sharpshooters and a corpse
would as many have died
if we had taken Bin laden down first??
Bin Laden the Butcher of New York
Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania
3,000 lives still unavenged
the families of the victims of 9/11
watch as the Iraqi people see
retribuiton brought to light
they'll watch as a murderer
is brought to swift justice
while in the depths of their hearts
they would rather have heard
that Bin Laden was captured today
Saddam did not murder thier loved ones
and in the pit in New York
from that repaired hole in the Pentagon
and across the fields of Pennsylvania
the voices of the dead cry out
'Where is Bin, why does he live on??'
A forgotten quest that mattered most
it wasn't talked about much
as they sought out Saddam
the party line is that Bin's probably dead
but tapes continue to surface
in a mockery of that pipe dream
Iraqi distractions drew the focus away
Gotta get Saddam, Liberate Iraq
pay back Haliburton for those
campaign contributions big time!
true...there are some brave troops
risking thier lives while they are
engaged in Afghanistan in a hunt for Bin,
but any massive effort to find him
any relentless assault in
the area he was last seen to be
had been relegated to second place
so that the bulk of our troops
could find a man that merely scoffed
when 9/11 took place because he had
nothing much to do with it otherwise
19 hijackers most of them
from Saudi Arabia and we invade Iraq?
putting Afghanistan on the back burner
finding little, but ambushes,
flag draped coffins and
one old man in a hole trembling
billions of dollars spent
to clean out a spider hole
expensive extermination
of the wrong rat in the wrong house?
when it's Bin another rat
who needed exterminating in 2002
The butcher of Baghdad exposed
as a dirty recluse who moved
his bowels and his hidy holes
more then any insurgents
what's wrong with this picture??
meanwhile the reigning party celebrates
catching something to show for
all of their efforts....while Bin Laden
smiles, miles away in a rocky fortress
prematurely presumed dead and
enjoying his incredible luck.




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