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The Cafe

Updated on August 2, 2016

He sits there, back against the window. This tiny café is his favorite reading place. Its cozy. Big bay window facing the street, small pot-belly stove in the corner, and the best biscuits in London.

He is so immersed in his book that hardly notices the girl come in and take the table beside him. She orders coffee and pulls out a book.

"Try the biscuits, best in London." He said, not looking away from his book.
"That so?"
"It is."

They sit in silence, reading. She does order a biscuit. After trying it she gives him a thumbs up, but doesn't say anything. Roughly thirty minutes goes by and he notices her smiling at something across the room. It is an elderly couple, but there really isn't anything special about them. She nearly lights up the room while she looks at them, though.

The waitress comes over to fill both of their coffees. The girl stops her before she walks off. She asks her if the older couple across the room paid their tab.

"No, I don't think they have."
"I want to pay it for them."
"I want to pay that old couple's tab."
"You sure?"
"Completely." She hands the waitress 20 quid. "That enough?"
"More than enough. I'll get yo-"
"No. Keep what's left for a tip."
"Right then." And the waitress walks off.

The girl goes back to her book, the smile on her face would melt your heart. He feels a smile stretch across his own face. He can't help it, something about her is just simply amazing. "Why'd you do it?"
"Pay for their tab. Why'd you do it?"
"They love each other."
"You paid for their tab because they love each other?" He says, raising a skeptical eyebrow.
"You don't see it very often. True love, that is. It's beautiful."
He looks over at the couple, then back at her. "Tell me something."
"Something" she says with a playful grin.
He can't help but, chuckle. "No. I mean, why are they any different than any other couple?"
She looks over to the couple and says, without looking away, "The way he looks at her, especially when she's not looking. Like she's the only person in the world. I bet they fight. I bet they fight every day. They probably start raise their voice in an argument but, then he gives her that look and she can't help but to fall in love with him all over again. I bet she's just as beautiful to him as she was the day they met. Every wrinkle is a beautiful memory. Her crows feet from laughing at his jokes, creases in her forehead from long nights stressing over bills and such. ...and just when she couldn't be more beautiful, she got some stretch marks while carrying his children. He wouldn't have her any other way." She pauses. "Sometimes you just look at a person and you feel like you've known them all your life. Actually, you're likely to never see something more beautiful than when a person looks at another person with that much love in their eyes." She glances back at him, with a smile and a wink. "I guess I'm just a sap."
"No. You're amazing."
She blushes and looks at him again, this time with her head tilted just a bit and that playful grin on her face. "Maybe you're a sap, too."
"Well, I should go." To the waitress, "Can I get the check?" The waitress nods and hands her the check. The girl pays and turns back to the man. "Same time tomorrow?"

"Yea. See you then."

And she's gone. He just sits there, smiling like an idiot.

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© 2016 Holly Huskey


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