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The Camel's Revenge and Other Stories for Children

Updated on April 14, 2011

The Camel’s Revenge


A camel and a jackal, once, became great friends. One day, they went to feast in the watermelon field. After eating, the jackal started howling.
     “Please Don’t howl, your howling will bring the farmer here,” pleaded the camel.
     “Singing is good for my digestion,” the jackal replied.
     Soon, the farmer came and beat the camel with a stick, while the jackal ran away.  
    One day, the camel offered the jackal a ride on his back, while he swam in the river. Once in the river, the camel started to dive under the water. The jackal cried, “What are you doing? I will drown.”

     “I must take a dive if I am in water. Good for my health,” said the camel and went under the water leaving the jackal helpless.

Brahmadutt and the Crab


      A man named Brahmadutt lived in a town. One day, he had to visit a faraway city. His mother gave him a small crab in a box, saying, “This crab will be your companion on the journey.” 
     Brahmadutt laughed, “How will this miserable creature be a useful companion to me?” But he could not disobey his mother either.
     Brahmadutt set out on his journey. After he had travelled for some time, he decided to rest under a tree.
     While he was asleep, a snake crept out of a cavity in the tree. While it was going towards Brahmdutt, the crab escaped from the box and promptly killed the snake.
     When Brahmadutt woke up, he found a dead snake near the box. He realised that the crab had saved his life.

The Foolish Cats and the Cunning Monkey

    A cat saw a piece of bread on the road.  An another cat too saw it and both pounced upon it at the same time. The cats started fighting.
     After sometime, the first cat suggested that they could divide the bread into two pieces.  Meanwhile, a monkey came there. The cats asked the monkey to divide the bread into two equal halves.
     The monkey was very cunning. He made two pieces of the bread and then he checked their size. Finding one larger than the other, he ate a bit from the larger piece. Then he noticed that the other piece was bigger and ate a bit from that.
     He carried on like this for some time and eventually, he ate up both the pieces, leaving the cats with nothing.

The Selfish Wolf and the Crane

 A wolf found bull’s meat in the jungle. He started devouring the meat greedily. A piece of bone got stuck in his throat. It became difficult for him to even breathe.
     Then the wolf recalled a crane, who lived nearby. The wolf went to the crane and pleaded for help, promising a reward in return.”
     The crane took pity on the wolf and agreed to help. The wolf opened its jaws wide and the crane easily took out the bone. Thus the wolf was relieved.
     The crane then reminded the wolf of the promised reward.  
     “What reward?” the wolf remarked. “When your beak was in my mouth, I could have grinded it with my teeth.”
     The selfish wolf ran away before the crane could react

The Talking cave


     A lion lived in a jungle. One day, he found a deep cave. He looked inside but did not find anyone in it. The Lion was sure that some animal lived there, and kept waiting.  
    A jackal that lived in this cave came back to his home in the evening. He noticed the pugmarks of a lion leading to his cave. He became suspicious.

    The jackal, therefore, made a plan to confirm if the lion was inside the cave. He called out loudly, “O Cave! If you do not speak, as usual I will go away.”
     The lion decided to answer on behalf of the cave to lure the jackal in. So he roared out a greeting. Hearing this, the clever jackal ran away and saved his life

The Disobedient Lamb


    A goat and her naughty lamb lived together.

     One morning, the lamb ran frolicking to the jungle. The mother goat tried to stop her kid from venturing alone into the jungle, saying, “There are lots of beasts there. Don’t go alone.”
     “Don’t worry, Mother. I won’t enter the jungle.” the lamb said.
     After playing in jungle for sometime he wanted to return to his mother. But he lost his way. He cried and cursed himself for ignoring his mother’s advice.
     Then, a wolf arrived there and said, “Aha! I shall have feast of lamb meat!”
     The wolf seized the lamb and ate him up. The poor lamb paid the price for not listening to his of elders.


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