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The Cassandra Effect

Updated on July 6, 2012

She said, " Please, please
Let me wear those shades
From Needles to the border."
My headlights seem to surf the night
And they don't show me the shoulders
She said " Please look me in my eyes."
Asking if I could tame her stallions
She laughs, " Hey baby that's all right."
As we traversed the grandest canyons

She says, "They all just lead you straight into nowhere."

She told me in this special place
Of queens and crocodiles
And how the ages of the child kings
Were washed back in the Nile
She told me how to wear my clothes
Without fashionable surveillance
The wine was red, so were my eyes
Like mariners off we kept on sailing
She blew her kisses out to sea
Then made my serpents sicken
With all her enemies and her token friends
I didn't think we'd be meeting anytime again
She told me, "Look into my eyes.
I heard Houdini's rumblings..."
Thorns between the Romanesque
As the future keeps on crumbling.

She laughs, " Like sweet Jesus we keep on stumbling."

She says, " The joys of man or the word of God
In this living land of shame. Just like they tied up all
The Indian braves and they remade the odds again.
It's the joys of man or the bird of love. Like the women
You back hand will change. It all wipes out all this
Liquid plugged into the TV's veins..."
Shes gonna go right back down the drain...

Then something wicked mixed me up
To fear my limitations I said to,
" Tell Mom and Dad, don't wait up...
I'll be calling them later from the police station,
That one tough cookie monster wanted to eat."
She tells me that, " I am just the gravy
This Hell on Earth it is made to hurt us
And know this, there ain't no maybes."
Andromeda and bloodstone hinges
Our lives upon the bloodless altars
She spreads her wings when alone
And begins peeling off her wits

Sometimes she just wants to call it quits...

The body wants, the heart it loves,
And the mind makes wishes for it
The hands that touch it only once
Because the soul just can't ignore it
She told me " If you guess my first name
I bet these wheels could make you smile."
My headless horseless dosage spins
As she screams out loud for miles and for miles
She blew my mind and then my cock
Came crawling up through her hands
Why not, why else do I take her
Just once more as we drove those painted sands
She told me." If we use the fast lane
My mind is damn sure to wander."
And when she threw herself off the 25th floor
She swan dived into the Mazdas

She just couldn't take it here any longer...

She says, " The Joys of life, an angel sings
Because the innocent have gone mad from pain.
A killer just shouts from the inside outside
That you better quit picking my brain.
And its the Joys of our desiring
It's like fire from nightshade.
The Joys of our desiring will all take their even trade. "
Shes gonna go right back down the drain...

Today I thought about her the first time in so many years, she said,
" One day I might not get along without these demons in me...but
Next to this, weakness is bliss, and there ain't no happy endings.
Unless it's just the joys of my life ending."


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    • bibi16 profile image

      Bibi 5 years ago from Phoenix Arizona

      Thank you lord de cross. Wow that name is hard to type right. LOL!!!

    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

      Profound and deep! This took some load from my shoulder. Your words are... causes an effect on the reader. Wondefully done! Keep them coming Bibi16!