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The Cat, the Flea & the Wizard

Updated on June 4, 2014

The Cat, the Flea & the Wizard

© 2014 By Romi N. Andrews

Itchy was feeling restless inside his glass jar. He tried to fluff up his cotton wool bed to make himself more comfortable, but that didn’t work. He sensed a storm coming. And Itchy had never been wrong before about storms.

Through a tiny hole in his glass jar, Itchy could see Dacian, the wizard. Dacian was sleeping peacefully, his velvet robe heaving up and down as he snored.

He needed to warn Dacian about the storm. But how? He was just a flea. And how does a flea wake up a wizard?

Maybe he could jump up and down and tip his jar over? That would certainly wake the wizard. But Itchy knew he didn’t have enough strength in his body to tip the glass jar over.

Itchy jumped on top of his cotton wool bed and then leaped onto the top of the jar. He looked around the room and saw Tuscany, the cat. She was sleeping soundlessly on the windowsill.

He made his way down the little bridge that led from his jar to Dacian’s bed. He hopped and hopped until he reached the sleeping wizard.

Finally, he jumped onto the wizard’s face.

“Shoo fly!” The wizard said in his sleep as he waved his hands around.

Itchy began to wonder if this was a good idea, but before he could make an escape, the wizard flicked him! He held his breath as he went sailing through the air. He kept his eyes closed, not daring to look down.

Finally, Itchy felt himself land on something soft.

He opened his eyes and turned to see a pair of big, green eyes staring down at him.

“Glad you could drop in.” Tuscany said grinning. “I almost didn’t see you there.”

Itchy laughed and sat down on the tip of Tuscany’s guava-pink nose.

“We need to warn Dacian that a storm is coming!” The flea said.

Tuscany stopped listening and began licking her sticky paw.

“Are you listening Tuscany?”

The cat tucked her paw underneath her and smiled.

“Sorry Itchy. Go on.”

“I sense a storm coming.” Itchy said again, this time a little louder.

I never sensed anything. And you know cats have better instincts than bugs.” She said winking.

“How do you know there’s a storm coming?” Tuscany asked tilting her head to one side.

“When I have dreams about socks and underwear flying around in the sky, I know. And my eyes always start to twitch. That’s how I know. And I’ve never been wrong.”

Tuscany thought about it for a moment, and then nodded.

“Okay, I believe you Itchy. So how are we going to wake up the wizard?”

“You could lick his face?” Itchy suggested.

“Okay.” Tuscany said.

She jumped onto Dacian’s chest and began licking his face. But that didn’t work. She rubbed herself against him and purred loudly in his ear. But still, the wizard kept on sleeping!

Tuscany sighed and jumped back onto the windowsill. She peered outside at the sky. The grey clouds were turning black and the wind began whistling through a crack in the door.

“I have an idea.” Tuscany said and jumped onto the kitchen table. She started pushing off pots and pans and knocking over bottles.

Then she noticed a small, purple book on a shelf above the wizard’s bed.

“If we can knock that book over, maybe it’ll land on his head. That should wake him up!”

The cat nudged and nudged at the book until it tipped over and fell right on the wizard’s nose!

Still the wizard kept sleeping!

Tuscany noticed that the wizard was clutching a half empty potion bottle. Inside the bottle, blue sparkles bounced off the bottom and spiraled to the top. It seemed like the potion was trying to escape!

She took a closer look and gasped.

“Oh no! Dacian accidently drank a sleeping potion!”

“We need an antidote!” Itchy said. He noticed the spell book on the floor by Dacian’s red slippers.

“Over there!” He said pointing to the book.

Tuscany jumped down onto the floor and flipped the book open with her nose.

“Spell book: Find me the antidote for Sleeping Potion.”

The pages flew open and stopped on the Sleeping Potion Antidote page.

Itchy jumped off the windowsill and bounced onto Tuscany’s head so that he could also read the spell book.

“Haha! We’re going to need two whiskers, some milk and…” Itchy’s face fell. “A ball of cotton wool.”

He frowned and became quiet. His bed was the only cotton wool in the wizard’s house.

Tuscany began gnawing at her whiskers until two came fluttering down, landing on the spell book.

“I don’t have much milk, but I will gladly give it up so that Dacian can wake up.”

Itchy smiled and nodded.

“And I will give up my bed because that’s what friends do. We can use my cotton wool bed for the spell.”

Tuscany picked at the cotton wool inside the jar until it was hooked onto her claws. She held it in her mouth, and then dropped it onto the book.

“It says to lay the whiskers and cotton wool in a little heap on this page. Then to add a trickle of milk on top.” Itchy read.

Outside, a tree began to whip at the wizard’s window as the wind grew stronger.

The cat and the flea knew that they had to act quickly. Tuscany ran to the kitchen and lapped up the last bit of her milk. She held it in her mouth, careful not to swallow it.

She then opened her mouth and let tiny drops of milk fall onto the heap of cotton wool and whiskers.

Instantly, stars swirled up from the page climbing higher and higher and twinkling bright against the dark. Finally, the stars fell onto the wizard’s face and he woke up.

Tuscany and Itchy danced with joy. But then, they remembered the storm!

“Dacian! A storm is coming. We need to take shelter!” Itchy said with panic.

The wizard leapt out of bed and scooped up the cat and the flea. He lifted the trapdoor in the floor and the three of them huddled together on blankets that were as soft as marshmallows. When the storm came and a big tree hit the house, they were so happy to be together…and to be safe.

The End

© 2014 By R.N Andrews

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