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The Charm

Updated on May 1, 2013

The charm

of falling

for lies

she construct

to cause

my heart

the destruction.

You'll fall for her

for the truth she speaks

in the lies

she make.

She lies, not to hurt

She lies, to tell one thing

which matters the most

to both.

She is just telling you the truth in every lie.

Her work of construction

becomes the cause of my destruction.

The lies are only lies

when you have weird expectations

of how truth shall be presented

The charm of falling

for a person

who does not know what to pick first:

dirty clothes or falling relationships.

She hates the truth

for there is a liability,

complexity to make things work real fast.

She has learnt one thing from all the lies

she has made in life.

"Truth shall not deceive you".

The charm

of falling

for a girl

is not another lie,

like her.

She causes destruction

by her work of construction.


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