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The Child Whose Death Was Known

Updated on March 3, 2017

Long ago, there was a child named Cannah. Her family was a member of a highly respected group which was respected even by the government. It was told that each member of the group knew the time of their death.. That was what she said, what her parents said, but beneath the surface is its purpose to hide the underlying truth that is submereged into a huge pile of sand.

When Two Birds Meet

Mon, the boy whose a year older than Cannah was a member of a family primarily composed of doctors that was sanctioned for the military. His parents died at a young age causing him grief and also, he was accepted and was raised by the military and acquired the position of lieutenant at a very young age. Everything was going well until the start of the war of Ice.

One day, on a cold winter afternoon, the soldiers of the military where Mon was positioned were ordered to capture a certain town in Germany. The war was inside the country itself, differing ideologies caused bloodshed and death that took thousands of innocent flesh and souls. The supposedly order was actually a trap, It was planned out by a traitor named Joachim. Their Commander Captain Zurg was planned to be taken out since he was thinking of putting the war into a stop. However, Joachim whose true intentions were purely evil, took this chance for their Commander Zurg, to die. In the Jungle near the town and location of their planned assault, they devised a plan and let Captain Zurg to attack in front with an obscene formation where the remaining members of the troop were 50 meters away from the captain. However, Mon stayed true to his ideals and remained besides Commander Zurg. A few moments after the formation began moving, Mon heard a gunshot of a high profile rifle. As he looked into his front left side, he was shocked to see Captain Zurg who was suddenly pierced by a bullet directly into the head. This however was not done by the enemy but by another hidden member of their own faction, that person who shot the bullet was payed by no other than Joachim, himself. As Captain Zurg was dying, Mon cried and told the other officers to carry their commander but they won't follow. The soldiers were already under the influence of Joachim. Despite this, Mon protested and used his power since he had a higher position compared to others in their troop, second only to Captain Zurg. He said that he'll report and remove them from their posts if they won't carry the commander. But, Joachim insisted, he took his gun and pointed it to Mon but Mon was ready to fight, however he cannot shoot, as stated by Joachim. Joachim took the chance and said that its time for him to die, he was then shot near his shoulder blades and he fell into the muddy river near the forest floor. A few days later, Mon's alleged remains was found near the land whose property was owned by Canna's family. Canna's older cousin, Laggard took the body and reported to the family household that they found a wounded soldier whose uniform proves that he came from the enemy faction. Some members decided to leave the body to die but when Canna came saw the young body of the poor wounded yet innocent boy. She decided to ask her father, the head of the family, if they could just accept and adopt him. As her father was trying to accept Canna's offer, Mon suddenly woke up, as he opened his eyes, he saw Cannah causing both of their eyes to meet in silence.

Love, War and Fate

After Mon's brief gaze with Cannah, he suddenly returned to his senses, seeing that he was wounded and sorrounded by the enemy faction, he overreacted and tried to stand up but he couldn't. Then goes a knock to the door by the chief police officer, who had heard about the news that was rapidly spreading about a wounded enemy soldier found alive near the lake. They were intending to torture the boy to gather information. However, since Cannah asked to take Mon into their care, Canna's father intervened and told the officer that Mon is now a member of their faction. Plus, according to the treaty of Hollows, any member of that chosen family should not be judged by the government but by their own household. The officer agreed in silence, since Canna's family had a huge influence which had protected their land from the previous wars, up to this point in time. Their family was the main reason to why they kept winning the war. His father's strategy afterall was unmatched and the members of their family was not afraid to face death at any time, making them an essential deciding factor in the current war. (note: not all members are blood related, they were chosen by the family's head himself).

After a few days, Mon refused to eat. However Cannah stayed by his side and befriended him. He tried to talk to him even though that he won't try to talk to her. Cannah's kindness still made him cry, he couldn't forget the traitorous faction where he came from. After a week, he finally ate, Cannah smiled and told him that he was now an actual member of their family. For the following months they started to get closer with each other, they had fun times, sad times and hard times. Mon, started falling for Cannah. He began telling her the truth about the faction where he belonged, that all that he has experienced was sadness and pain. Cannah's tears fell down as she saw Mons scars, seeing different forms of torture that he has experienced. Cannah kissed Mon on his forehead, saying that he won't ever feel the pain of his terrible past and that he'll never be alone as long as he stays with them. However, Cannah's father told Mon a story, the story that every member of their family knows their time of death even Cannah. Mon insisted and rejected this fact saying that they should be the ones to decide their fate.

To Live With You

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, Joachim was planning to kill the remnants of the people who supported the recent Commander Zurg. While on Cannah's household, a spy was caught living amongst them. The head of the family (Cannah's father) headed a pursuit in order to catch the traitorous prey that had escaped, unfortunately, they weren't able to. Joachim tried to start a war and Cannah's father this time was involved. A letter was sent to the family from the request of the government that the 14th Head of the family should join the war and bring victory. The letter however has involved Cannah, since she'll be the next head of the family. Mon volunteered instead of Cana, saying that as a man and as the person whom she saved, he has the responsibility to protect and serve their household. Cannah insisted however, Mon told Cannah that he loves her and that she should let him fight for her even just for once. Before leaving, Mon told Cannah that he'll come back for sure.

On the final stages of the war, Joachim met Mon on the same town where he was betrayed, half of Canna's household however was annihilated but his father was still alive whose only a few meters apart from Mon. Despite this, the faction that was headed by Canna's father was winning the war, the only remainder was Joachim who lead the betrayal that took away innocent lives. Mon asked Joachim to surrender and accept the punishment he deserves. In desperation, he once again tried to shoot Mon, but Canna's father interfered and killed Joachim. Before Joachim died, he told Mon that the war has only just began.

After the war was over, Canna's father told Mon that they have something to discuss. The truth about their family knowing their death was all just a lie, except for Cannah, For she'll die in around two weeks starting from this conversation since her heart had a hole. This is because of the fact that she was shot a year ago right in the upper rib cage near the left side of her chest, the bullet reached her heart, luckily she survived but she does not have enough time to live. A transplant was advised but since the household was primarily composed of old people, none of them were healthy enough plus Cannah did not want anyone to die just because of her. After the conversation, Mon accepted the truth about Cannah and asked forgiveness from Cannah's father for being hopeless, he also asked Cannah's father that he'll leave the faction to find a remedy for Cannah and incase that he might not come back or betrays his promise, he told Cannah's father that he loves Cannah and that he's a coward for not helping her.

A week later after the war, Cannah's father told her that Mon was gone to find a cure but he might also betray the family to go back to his old way of life. The Hospital suddenly called, saying that an organ was sent to them and that it was meant for Cannah's operation. She did not accept the transplant but his father said that the donor gave a letter saying that the heart came from a dying soldier. After an hour of discussion Cannah accepted and was convinced by his father's offer. After a month, Cannah started to feel better. However she remembered Mon and asked his father about his whereabouts, her father sat besides her then replied and told her that Mon was nowhere to be found but Mon surely loves Cannah, that she should not worry since Mon was probably the one who found a donor for her.

A year later, Cannah decided to travel and find Mon. Just as she was about to leave, their household received a letter from Mon. The letter was dated a year ago exactly on the day where Cannah's operation was held. Mon said on the letter that he wants to live inside of Cannah and always be right besides her heart since he loves him and thanks her for saving his life, he also added that she shouldn't search for him anymore since he's always there living with her. I love you Cannah, Your slave, Mon. As she was reading the letter, for unknown reasons, she cried and felt the most intense pain that she ever felt.

This is my story, I'm Mon.. the Child whose death was known.

Note: This is a work of Fiction, the storyline is originally made by me however it was inspired by other works of art such as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and Otaro Maijo's The Dragon's Dentist.


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