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The Child in Me

Updated on January 5, 2017

The child in me is always around. He likes cartoons and macaroni, he likes to explore the world around him, he likes to play.

Sometimes he drifts off into a world of imagination and wonder, brought back only by his responsibilities in this world.

Responsibilities that he cannot escape. Responsibilities like bills, school, work, and love.

Love is a big one. Love is everything to my inner child. Whether it be the love of his friends and family.....or the love of his life. She joins him on every journey and keeps him sane.

He almost lost her, out of his own childish stupidity. But with a mistake comes learning. When my inner child learns something, it soaks in like a sponge.

He loves to learn, mostly about the world around him. The trees are beautiful, the night sky is vast and mysterious, hell even the dirt is curiously amazing to him.

People seem to like my inner child, but my inner child doesn't know if he likes himself. Everyone he talks to seems to enjoy his company and my inner child can't figure out why.

He talks too much about things that no one cares about. He convinces people to do what he wants to do. He takes his anger out on his loved ones so he doesn't piss off strangers.

But he cares about people more than he cares about himself. He sees all the hate and anger in the world around him and he wants to be different.

He knows that some people hate their own lives and he wants to be the light in their day. He wants people to know that someone cares.

My inner child knows he will always be a part of me, but he feels himself being suppressed. He has started acting out for attentions through bad habits.

He just wants people to understand that they mean the world to him, but he can't keep back tears long enough to tell them.

My inner child needs something before he can grow. No, someone. And I will meet him or her in about six months when my inner child meets his own child.


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