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The Child in the Window

Updated on August 10, 2012

The morning sun breaks through the window

As the child rises from her crib

A new day dawns

In her head new adventures begins

Standing in the sun filled window

She looks outside her eyes so bright

A leaf, a frog, a running squirrel

Capture her childish delight

She squeals and runs to tell her mom

Her new discover of the day

Radiant glowing laughter fills the house

As her discovery fills her with glee

Single words and two words are her vocabulary

Her intent is still very clear

New sights and sounds she has discovered outside

Her face is glowing her teeth are showing

Her head back, her curls falling, laughing in joy

Running back to press against the window

She scans the sky and ground for something new

A helicopter, a bird, a praying mantis

Are her next discoveries, playing on her mind

But what else does this two year old see

In the sky that we don't

Her imagination so wild

Who can know what she sees?


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