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H.O.W Things Changed on Christmas day -- A poem

Updated on December 9, 2012

Note to Our readers: This is a Poem Dedicated to My son Who Will be Ten on December the 7th. He is Getting Better Day by Day... Thanks!

Enjoy our Inspiration with This Melody, Thanks!


A Christmas baby for You...

A Christmas baby that didn't want to be born

mommy asked the Lord to be her first baby girl

How I was supposed to know that I was going to be autistic from the start

seeing lights, voices and not ready to answer them back

Mommy wanted to cry when she found out I was a "he"

nurses knew that postpartum denial can really kill

dad was proud and wanted to put that baseball cap on me

I knew I was focusing on things that were new to me, but...


My angel Brothers...


My angel brothers said bye and they knew of my upcoming ordeal

cherubs waved good bye and they were happy for what I felt

I was going to belong to a new family on Christmas day, I see...

Yeah, I was an angel way before mommy and dad chose me

Now, from the very beginning I was catching up with everything

Yet, not being able to grow and express myself like any other kid

frustrated me to the point of just wanted to hurt myself

tried so hard to break a simple "hi, mom" like everybody else


Well, since there was a barrier...


Well since there was a wall between the world and me

I started to get ready, studying all kind of cool gadgetry

Somehow I wanted to excel in arts and my own little science

Mom wanted me to look straight at her, but I was in denial

I wanted so bad to give her a hug and say, "love you mom"

But godlike chemistry from my brain, said, "maybe next time"

desperately gave my parents some clues

repeating things and learning about my IPad out of the blues

Doctor Faver advised mom to keep fighting the fight

Organic food, fish oil and some other sweet syrups night after night

Out of nowhere, my body wanted to run away from her

even getting naked if mom didn't get that toy from the toy store's shelf


On Christmas eve...


I wanted to ask God why he made me this way, and

His answer was, "you will become somebody, one day...!"

But, I saw the Christmas presents, my family and a new pinball

and still didn't feel what they felt, "get away ridiculous dog!"

I wanted to tell my mom the good news by writing pitiful clues

I wanted to tell her that I was not a waste, "please mom I need your trust"

Medicine was trying to work on my little brain and maybe one day...

I wanted to tell her things by making my computer say my saying...



I was turning six on this Christmas eve

my dad gave me a hug crying and saying that he loved me!

mom was fixing the Christmas tree and hid my gift behind the sofa

suddenly, God gave the order for me to finally say, "love you too dad"

That started it all! I said it on my own

mom stopped shoveling the snow

dad just fell on his knees and reached both hands up above

covering his tears in shame he knew it was a day for hope


angels gathered around dad and me, and Gee!

I approached to see the Christmas tree

and said on my own , "this tree smells good."

my parents couldn't stop crying right behind me

silly dog, barking copiously to "stranger me"

Up above was father God who finally came to say:

"You will become a preacher, and a leader one day"

"For this world needed a change, and I knew about your pain.."

"Brain of yours will set people free from their mental chains.."


I thanked him, but that was a little too much for my age

I went outside and played with the snow and new friends

father was crazy enough to play baseball on December 25th

mom came to both of us and told my dad, "I think I'm pregnant again"


Now, this was my life so far

I want to give hope to you all

things happen for a reason indeed

Time to celebrate Christmas next to our "smelly tree!"



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