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The Chronicles of the Stranger Series: Silent Tears, Episodes 7 and 8

Updated on January 5, 2018


Chronicle Title:


Episode 7

He listens to the wonderful things that Maame Akosua tells him.

Things he had really never heard nor paid heed to, and although he could not utter a word or move any part of his body except his eyelids, he feels a deep peace within his bosom, and wonders why he has lived so long in the world and shunned such good news!

How on earth had he convinced himself that God does not exist?

Indeed, he has been a very big fool, and deserves to be suffering the way he is!

And Mr. Kwame Awuah, multimillionaire and a man of his own destiny for many years, breaks down into the tears of a sinner who has seen the truth and come back home.

At the end of the fourth week Maame Akosua enters the ward with a worried look on her face.


I used this week to fast and pray for you, Kwame. And I've been getting very confusing responds. I've been having a dream, the same dream, each night. I keep seeing a tall, bearded stranger in a black suit picking you up from that bed and taking you into the bathroom where the bath is full with water, and then I will wake up! I'm so scared! I don't know what's happening! Does it mean you're going to be drowned? I hope not! But why does the Lord continuously show me this dream? What should I do about it? I asked my pastor and he also doesn't know what it means. Whatever it is, it is my fervent hope that it means healing!

Inwardly Kwame Awuah smiles, touched by the golden heart of this woman.

He has never seen a more caring woman, and he admits to himself in the darkness he finds himself, that he indeed care so much about her!

She does mean a lot to him!

And in that same night, in the sprawling, elegant and stunning mansion of Mr. Kwame Awuah, his wife and his adopted son make slow love on Mr. Awuah's matrimonial bed.

It is a round, lovely water-bed that undulates and caresses their bodies.

Later, spent and yet inwardly troubled, they lie on the bed and make small loving talk.

Araba is lying with her head on his chest as she runs a hand slowly over his hard body.


It's a month now, darling. You all said he would be dead long before this, but he's still alive.

Nana Yaw sighs deeply.



I know, darling. But you must be rest assured that he is not getting out of that bed again. His whole body is poisoned. Let us allow him to enjoy his last days on earth in peace. We've hurt him enough.



Think, darling! I've been telling you this for over two years now! He's old! His time here is done! In his new will, which I am privy to, he's left two-thirds of his estate to you, and a third to me! Think of how happy we will be if he's dead. The longer he lives the guiltier we’ll feel, but we have the chance to be happy together! You must think carefully, darling.

Nana Yaw stands up with a little grunt and walks to the bar.

His face is sweaty even in the air-conditioned room.

He mixes two drinks and brings one to her.

As he sips he looks over his tumbler at her.



Araba, please, don't let me do this! I'm being torn apart with guilt already as it is!

She drinks and twirls the glass, causing the ice cubes to tinkle.

She looks at him with half-shut eyes.


You know I'm right, darling. You have to help him to die, and find his peace. Now he's constantly under the agony of learning we had been cheating on him. Maybe he can live with my infidelity, but he can never forgive you. He took you and your mother off the streets and made you a-


(screaming with agony)


He throws his glass across the room, and it shatters against a wall.

On that wall is a portrait of his mother.

The look on her face had always been serene, but right now Nana Yaw feels that she is frowning at him with anger, bitterness and disappointment.


I know it is painful, love, but you have to do it. Tomorrow just walk in there and inject him. They have all declared that he will die, so if he dies tomorrow no one will suspect anything.


You're asking me to commit murder! TO KILL THE ONLY MAN WHO RESPECTED MY MOM AND GAVE ME A LIFE!



I don't care, love. All I know is that as long as he continues to draw breath, he is a danger. There are a million tales about terminally ill people who had suddenly come back to full health, confounding medical experts. Think of what can happen if your father suddenly comes out of that bed!



Why can't you just allow him to die in peace, Araba? Please don't turn us into monsters!

She smiles and drains her drink.

She stands up, pads to the bar and drops the glass.

She watches him as she walks back to the bed and lies down, spreading her legs slowly and cupping her breasts.

He is watching her exotic body, and he slowly comes fully erect.

He approaches and grabs her.

She arches her body into him and accepts his kiss with a grunt of her own.

He lies on his back and pulls her on top of him.

She stares down into his eyes as she straddles him and lowers herself on him, riding him hard.

He groans, grabbing her bucking buttocks and thrusting with fervour in rhythm to her gyrating body.

She leans down and kisses him, and then she nibbles his earlobe.



Tell me you're going to do it, darling! Do this for us! So that we can have more of this! Will you do it? Are you going to do it?



Oh, yes, baby! I’ll kill him tomorrow! Oh, yes, yes, yes!! Yeeeeeeesss!!!

Chronicle Title:


Episode 8

Nana Yaw is dressed in an impeccable suit.

He walks towards the sleek and powerful Chrysler parked in the courtyard.

Walking by his side is a beautiful Araba, dressed in black jeans and a fetching pink tank and sky blue shirt.

The servants are working around the house and so they just hug briefly as he opens the car door.


(his face haggard)

This is the day, darling. My father takes his last breath today.



I know how hard and painful this is for you, but it must be done for the sake of our love, and our happiness.

Nana Yaw nods.


Yes, love and happiness. I love you so much, Araba.


So remember the plan, my love. Don't stay over there too long.



No, no. I won't wait at all. I'll inject him and come straight back home.


Yes, my love. I'll be waiting!

She smiles sweetly and waits until he has driven out, and then she turns and begins to walk towards the main house.

MR. SEREBOE ABOKYI, the elderly chauffeur who drives Mr. Kwame Awuah, stands respectfully as Araba approaches.

He is a tall muscular man with hard eyes.

He has been employed almost two years ago by Mr. Kwame Awuah because Araba had told him Abokyi is a dead friend's husband in need of a job to take care of four starving children.

Mr. Kwame Awuah, being the kind trusting man he is, has employed Sereboe Abokyi as his chauffeur with a very handsome salary indeed.



Hello, Mr. Sereboe.

He nods respectfully without smiling.


Good morning, madam.


Would you come inside, please? There are some errands I want you to run for me.



Certainly, madam.

He follows her into the beautiful mansion, up the ornate stairs until they enter Mr. Kwame Awuah's study.

The moment the door closes behind them Araba gives a scream of joy and runs to a huge bed in the corner and flings herself on it, kicking her legs ecstatically.



Yes, yes, yes! We're hitting the jackpot huge this time, sweetheart!

Sereboe smiles as he slowly unbuttons his shirt.



He's going to finish off the old man as planned, darling?


Yes, yes! He packed the injection! Kwame Awuah should be dead by evening! He will inject his father with the deadly drug, and then he will come back here!


But then he won't reach home, because me and my boys will be waiting him, and kill him, making it look like a grieving son who has lost his father driving blindly and skidding off the road and having a fatal accident on the cliffs below his residence. A double tragedy! And all the money comes to his grieving widow, Araba Awuah.


(giggling insanely)

Yes, Araba and her long-standing lover in crime, the crime boss himself, Mr. Sereboe Abokyi, who has managed to kill two of Araba's previous husbands already and taken their money! Money, money, money, my love!

Sereboe laughs as he kicks off his shoes and steps out of his trousers.


Seems like we'll enjoy this one for quite some time, baby! This Awuah is loaded fucking!



Yes, yes, yes! And finally I'll get rid of that bastard Nana Yaw! Damn, that fool almost spoilt the whole plan when he came back three years ago and recognized me! Yuck, and I had to put up with his silly groping and stupid dick for so long!

Naked, Sereboe approaches her with his turgid erection.


I got something for you, love! A sweet one before going to complete the final hours of Nana Yaw Awuah. I’m going to take real great delight in killing that bastard for putting his damn hands on you all those years. I know it was all because of the plan, but I’m going to mess him up!



I'm wet and ready, baby! Come and fill me up!! Hurry and make me feel your love, and then go and wait for him at the mountains and kill him when he's coming back! Silly bastard!

Sereboe joins her on the bed, and draws her towards him.


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