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The Circus Show

Updated on August 26, 2012

Welcome to a journey through amazement of human possibility
Colors, fire, smiles and fear in a kaleidoscope swirling below
Where you see clowns and tigers through a young child’s eyes
As fathers and daughters embrace and together watch the show

Cotton candy mad hatters red nosed laughter from above
Long-eared giants tip-toe painting truncated musings of a quiet mind
Twirling ballerinas hang by threaded red lace icicles from heaven
While darting eyes look to three rings to see what they can find

For no imagination can accept less than the full panorama of motion
And in full view of awe inspiring magic where anticipation must delight
The countdown did begin for the moment of a streaking comets flight
As the flaming man was held aloft without the benefit of a kite

Staccato hands blur while rings fly fed by concentrated skill
Lords of the sky leaping upon a strand of quivering weaves of steel
Flying dare-devils inside a spinning cage of death defying kinetic energy
And stilted legged caped walking trees scamper toe to heel

Memories relived in a mass of humanity as we go hand in hand
Mime crested painted faces etched into imaginations garden
Freedom of movement and creation under the big top shelter
To share with hearts delight as our love for each other did blossom


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