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The City

Updated on August 9, 2015

Nothing of the Day

In a constant cloud of dust and grime, it’s a wonder we get to see the sun at all. When it does penetrate the dirty darkness, the sun can hardly find the ground through the towers, which are set up like pikes defending the city. As if we have anything in need of defending here. People don’t live here; only robots.

Hustling and bustling and coffee and headaches – every problem seems like the end of the world. Money and power and places and promotions are the important priorities conquering this city. It must be this way for all cities, I suppose, but this one especially.

I become stressed just walking down the sidewalk, horns blaring, men hailing cabs, tires screeching, the beggar on the street corner, rattling his old McDonald’s cup for change – he makes more money than I do, you know, probably $30,000 per year. It’s such a shame that people fall for it… Idiots.

In the daytime, I get lost in the seas of robots, rocking to and fro; they carry me down sidewalks and across streets, tossing me relentlessly as if I don’t even exist. I can’t even hear my own footsteps, so maybe I don’t.


Child of the Night

That’s only during the day though. Once the sun sinks below the horizon, and the city is enveloped in black, I do exist. There are no city lights where I go, only the occasional dim streetlamp, eerily glowing.

All of the welcoming smells of gasoline and hot coffee are gone by now, and the only smell left is the damp, dank air and fear. I may not be someone during the day, just flowing with the crowds, but here and now, there is no doubt of my existence. And, those who are robots during the day, are now people, living, breathing people with dreams and desires.

I may not be a person, but I am living and breathing and full of desires. At night, I see the city through a shroud of red.

The night sky, a dark maroon to my eyes, was starless and flat. I could see the glow of the city lights reflecting off the clouds, though I couldn’t see them directly.

I walked now, utterly alone, hearing each echo of my footsteps, and finding comfort that I do, in fact, exist. In the distance, I spot a lone woman, much like myself. She was average size with brown hair and a blue dress. I began my prowl, and assumed the role as a child of the night.



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