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The Clandestine Girl

Updated on October 2, 2014

The clandestine girl

I met a girl when I was 12,

With a dazzling face she looked well.

Her sweet voice and cute face,

I was enthralled by her cheerful elegance.

Her eyes were like an eternal ocean,

scintillating like a star and creating sensation.

Her smile was like a crescent moon,

Hes speech seemed to be a blissful tune.

She looked very serene just like a river,

She came to me and said “hi dear”.

I felt like a stone with no words to share,

But my freezing mind asked me to dare.

I introduced myself and asked her name,

With a beautiful smile she told me the same.

It was something unique and different from others,

It was something with a connotation that resembled mother.

Her friends called her and she went away,

She told goodbye but I had no words to say.

That was the first and the last time we met,

And after that the time passed like a jet.


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