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The Story of Clever Fox and other Stories for Children

Updated on September 4, 2014

The Clever Fox

     Once upon a time, a crow sat on the branch of a tree with a piece of bread in his beak. A fox came there and saw the piece of bread. The clever fox thought of a plan to get the bread from the crow.
     He wished the crow a good day. But the crow did not open his mouth as to hold his bread.
     The fox then said, “You are looking very charming. You should have been made the King of all birds. Please sing a song in your sweet voice for me.”

     The crow was very flattered to hear this false praise. He could not help himself and replied, “Thanks!”
     But as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, the piece of bread fell on the ground below. The clever fox immediately picked up the bread and ran away to relish it.

The Foolish Cats and the Cunning Monkey


  Once, a cat saw a piece of bread on the road. But by the time it could reach it, another cat saw it and both pounced upon it. The cats started fighting.
     After sometime, the first cat suggested that they could divide the bread into two pieces. The other cat agreed. But who would divide the piece of bread? They both doubted each other.
     Meanwhile, a monkey came there. The cats asked the monkey to divide the bread into two equal halves.
     The monkey was very cunning. He made two pieces of the bread and then he checked their size. Finding one bigger than the other, he ate a bit from the bigger piece. Then he noticed that the other piece was bigger and ate a bit from that.
     He carried on like this for some time and eventually, he ate up both the pieces, leaving the cats with nothing.

The Tyrant King Who Became Just

Long ago, there lived a king so cruel that his subjects called him ‘the tyrant’. One day, he called his subjects and said, “I promise that I will rule you with kindness from now on.”
The king became gentle; and soon he came to be known as the ‘just king’.
One day, one of the king’s favourite courtiers asked him the reason for this sudden change.
The king replied, “As I was riding horse through my forest, I saw a hound chasing a fox and biting his leg brutally. After sometime, a man threw a stone at the hound, which broke his leg. The man had not gone far when a horse kicked him and broke his leg. Then, the horse fell into a hole and broke his leg. Witnessing all this, I realised that he who does evil will sooner or later be overtaken by evil too.”

The Hunter and the Greedy Jackal


Once, a hunter in the jungle aimed a sharp arrow at a well fed boar. Though severely wounded, the boar made a wild charge at the hunter putting him to death. The boar too died later from the wounds.
Sometime later, a hungry jackal arrived at the spot where the bodies of the hunter and the boar lay. He said to himself, ‘God has favoured me today. This great feast is certainly the result of some good deed I have done in a previous birth. It will be better if I begin my meal by eating the gut of this bow.’
The jackal went close to the body of the hunter and began nibbling at the gut of the bow. But the gut suddenly snapped with great force, striking and killing the jackal instantly.
God predetermines longevity, destiny, wealth, learning and death.

The Wicked Mediator

Once, a sparrow made a home in the cavity of a big tree. One day, he left the tree in search of food and did not return for several days.
Meanwhile, a hare occupied his home.
When the sparrow returned, he found the hare. Sparrow asked the hare to leave the place”. But the hare refused to leave
The sparrow said, “Let us go to a judge. We will abide by his decision.”
The hare agreed and both of them went in search of a judge.
Meanwhile, a wicked cat came to know about it and met the sparrow and the hare. They explained their problem to the cat. The cat replied in a sweet voice, “I am old and cannot see or hear very well. Come closer and narrate your story.” When the poor sparrow and hare came within the reach of the cat, she pounced, killing both of them.


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    • profile image

      manan khatri 5 years ago

      Animal Stories

      The Clever Fox

      Once there lived a clever fox in a forest. One day he saw a crow on the branch of a tree. She had a piece of meat in her beak.

      The fox thought, the crow has a piece of meat in her beak. I shall get it by a trick and eat it."

      Then the fox looked up at the crow and said, "Good morning, Mrs. crow, you are looking very bright. Your feathers are shining too. You are the queen of birds. Please sing a song in your sweet voice,"

      The crow heard the praise of the fox and became proud and happy. She thought, "The fox has spoken the truth. I am really beautiful. I shall sing him a song and show him my sweet voice too."

      The crow lifted her head up and opened her mouth and cawed. The piece of meat fell down to the ground.

      At once the fox ran to it and ate it up. Then the fox said to the crow, "Stop your song. I wanted that piece of meat in your beak. I have eaten it now. Thank you. I shall give you a piece of advice. Remember it.

      "Don't trust liars."