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The Clever Tailors

Updated on September 5, 2009


 Once there lived a certain king. He wished to put on new clothes every day. He spent a lot of money on his clothes. One day two clever tailors came to the king’s hall.  They said to the king. “O king, we hear you want to put on a new coat every day. We can make wonderful coats. Only wise people can see them”. The king said to himself, I very much like to wear those wonderful coats. Certainly I am not a fool. I can see those wonderful coats.

He said to his chief man, “Give those tailors as much money as they want. Let them make those wonderful coats.” The king then said to the tailors, “When will you finish your work?” The tailors said, The tailor said, “We can finish it in a week.”

After One week the king said to his chief man, “Go and see the tailors”. The Chief man said to the tailors, “Where are the wonderful coats?”. The tailors said, “Please come into the room and look at them yourself. Don’t you see they are wonderful?” The chief man didn’t see any coat at all. But he remembered their words. ‘Only fools can’t see them’.  Surely he was not a fool. He said. “The coats are fine. I’ve never seen coats like these in all my life.”

While the chief man was praising the beauty of the Coats, the king himself came there. The king too did not see any coat there. But he too did not want to be a fool.  The king also praised the beauty of coats. Everyone there presented to see those wonderful coats. They all said certainly these are wonderful coats.

The king then said to the tailors. Please put the coat on me. I want to wear it. I’ll go along the streets of this town with the wonderful coat on. All the people in the town will look at this wonderful coat. They’ll all praise it. The tailors pretended to put the new coat on the king. The king and his men went through the streets of the town. While the king and his men were goint through the streets, a young boy said loudly. The king has no coat on him. The king has no coat on him.

The king and his men heard the boy. They all knew that the boy was right. There was no coat on the king. The king got angry.  He wanted to punish the tailors. He ordered his men to catch of them. But the tailors were not there.


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