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The Color of Couplets

Updated on March 19, 2015

The Lesson for writing Couplets

Hi! You may be here because you are a parent or a teacher, or someone interested in poetry. This Hub is a lesson I gave to Mrs. Tsao's third grade class a few weeks ago. The students had an interesting discussion with me on how to create poems that use couplets and simile.

In a section below, you will see some of the students' work. I will add it as it comes to me.

Also, I would like to challenge you, dear reader, to write and submit your own poem that uses couplets and simile. Share it in the comments section, please.

The Color Of Couplets

We are going to learn about couplets today.

Learning Targets:

1.Think about and talk about couplets as they pertain to poetry.

2.Practice writing rhyming words and couplets.

3.Write your own 10 line poem using couplets.

4.Share your poem with at least one other person

First, let's define a couplet.

Definition of couplet as it applies to poetry is: A couplet is a Rhyming Stanza made up of two lines; A pair of lines of verse that form a unit especially two lines of verse that rhyme with each other. Some couplets rhyme aa, but this is not a requirement. Other couplets use an abab pattern to rhyme - these are sometimes set in quatrains, so would not technically be couplets.

Read more at:

There are three main types of rhyming poetry: Couplets, triplets, and quatrains.

Couplets are two lines that rhyme.

Triplets are three lines that can all rhyme or just have the first and third line rhyme.

Quatrains are four lines that can either be two couplets (the first two lines rhyme and the last two lines rhyme), or the first and third line rhyme while the second and fourth line rhyme.

Here's an example from J. Kilmer -


I THINK that I shall never see (a)

A poem lovely as a tree. (a)

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest (b) (new spelling -pressed)

Against the sweet earth's flowing breast; (b)

Did you notice that his couplets provide wonderful simile?

A Simile is when you compare one thing to another, using "like" or "as"

Here is another example of couplets and simile in poetry:

A Red, Red Rose
by Robert Burns

O my Love's like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June;
O my Love's like the melodie
That's sweetly played in tune.

The Bee Poem

A poem is a busy bee
Buzzing in your head.
His hive is full of hidden thoughts
Waiting to be said.

His honey comes from your ideas
That he makes into rhyme.
He flies around looking for
What goes on in your mind.

When it's time to let him out
To make some poetry,
He gathers up your secret thoughts
And then he sets them free.

A Poem Is a Little Path

A poem is a little path
That leads you through the trees.
It takes you to the cliffs and shores,
To anywhere you please.

Follow it and trust your way
With mind and heart as one,
And when the journey's over,
You'll find you've just begun.

These last two are by Charles Ghigna

They provide us with wonderful simile, but are not true couplets as they only provide one end rhyme in each stanza.

Steps to creating a Couplet poem

STEP 1: Think It Through

Reminders: A rhyme is: “Two words that sound the same or sound similar”

For a couplet: We need to rhyme words at the end of each line.

A Simile compares one thing to another (as, like)





STEP 2: Brainstorm

Spend a few minutes brainstorming similes & adjective phrases for your favorite color


Blue is an airplane flying high

As a bird softly soaring into the sky.

Red is my face when I get mad

like the biggest lollipop I ever had.

My favorite color is yellow

It makes me feel sunny & mellow.

STEP 2: Brainstorm

First brainstorm about your color. My favorite color is Yellow:

I think of foods: bananas, lemons, corn on the cob, mustard,

I think of people: Hair like golden sun, me sunbathing at the beach

I think of animals: a Gold finch, a lion's mane,

Next brainstorm your rhyming words: Mine word is "Shy"

Here are some words that rhyme with shy: Sky, Why, High, Sigh, Try, Nigh, Lie, My, Hi!, Lie, Eye

STEP 3: Put it to use

Now you write a couplet poem about color

-Use your writer’s journal-

--Use at least 1 & up to 5 similies

--It should be 10 lines long with 5 couplets

- -It needs to make sense to the reader

Student Couplet Poems

Here are several color poems from Mrs. Tsao's third grade students:


Whenever I see pink

it makes my day start to stink.

Pink makes me want to drink,

then I start to stink.

I’m on the brink of losing my mind

then I think I’m practically blind.

It’s like being at the ice-skating rink

or feeling like you’re about to shrink.

By Izak J.


In a tree a blue bird sits,

as a good friend tries to hit and hit.

It tries and tries to cheer him up,

but he feels so bad he can throw up.

When he finally cheers up from his gloom,

they play and sing in front of the moon,

But its been so long they have to go away

They may bloom another day.

by Mason A.


Red is the color of my bed,

my dog whining when he needs to be fed;

Ben is red

my dog just shed

Harry has a red bed

I can’t find the pickle led.

By Harry


Purple is the grapes I like to eat,

they are such a treat.

They do not smell like feet,

for they are very sweet;

not as white as a sheet,

not as black as a cleat,

not as brown as wheat,

and when I take a seat

I think about purple.

You find it around every bend,

but right now it is the end.

by Elise

Blue. . .

in the color of blue

is the blue sky upon my eyes;

is my mother’s blueberry pie;

in the color of blue.

In the color of blue

is the rain coming down;

in the color of blue

is the ocean sound of whales.

by Kahmyla

Blue is. . .

Blue is the splendid peaceful sea

like a graceful bird flying free.

Blue smells like fresh air.

Blue is beautiful and rare.

Blue tastes like freshly picked blueberries

from the bushes near the quiet breeze.

Blue sounds like waves crashing against the shore.

Swimming in the water makes me like it even more.

People think it’s sorrowful and sad,

but to me blue makes me feel quite glad.

by Berit


Blue is a blue sapphire stone shining under the sun,

It’s worth much ore than the bun.

Blue is when you feel sad,

that you don’t want to add.

Blue is like the water that we can’t live without,

just like spiders need the water spout.

Blue is the color of a ball,

like you want to call.

Blue is the sky tall,

like I want to go to the mall.

by Hamsa

© 2015 agaglia


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