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The Colors Of Individually Human Being Life

Updated on June 9, 2015

wrote out the feeling

The umpteenth time I write my thinking (which was incredible I rarely do) when I wrote this time. I admit that I was more than happy wrestle with my thoughts and my heart in contemplation, reverie, any serious thought in the wild imagination than I have to write in a variety of every media more precisely because lazy exaggerated. Also I was really rarely aware of the function I wrote out my feeling, because I will eventually find it ridiculous I will destroy itself. But I think it's also for a bit of fun out to show off sluggard confide in writing about this because after this initial outpouring of writing I use my PC media that hopefully I will use in order to be of no use.

zebra desktop's background and the book

that day was my umpteenth install desktop wallpaper picture zebra with paint spills and black background (I often like the concept of glow in the dark because the black always provide a valuable opportunity for the other colors to be excellent, although the wallpaper is not glow). I do not know how many days have passed. But only today also just a day before the day when many people celebrate valentine. But that's not the main point I want to share. Although I understand well when typing words that sometimes I delete this birthday, I write for myself. Especially after reading the book proceeds (borrowing just crueler than plowing, do not imitate the following!) Of my friends who often believe, Rudy Gunawan Fx essay entitled 170.8 FM Radio Negeri Biru, although I'm sure some future time I will forget whether it is the cause or not. I often think about the essence of life or maybe like dude Rudy said in the essay that I belonged to the thinker's life, although sometimes I wish it become a lifeguard (aspire instead). Even after reading this book I thought about it again, and again. And, even though after I opened my old PC that has not had this (and more I wasted on things that are less useful) to write another, but it similar, without any doubt, is not it? What would you see first is your PC desktop comrades. Likewise me, zebra who has accompanied me these days seem more meaningful my eyes now, and black and white was so thin limit, the limit of the body of the zebra was an apparent limit, imaginary limit is deliberately formed. . Likewise the name of life, my life as a thinker who is still far from the 'good' and professionals sometimes often think that life was so monochromatic life once covered with a thin membrane. Like the dilemma of love and hate are often glorified by-lovers lovers this childish age. I do not think about it this is true, then I would say probably only thin membrane that separates it not all do, but could be a cause. Not all why, but it could be do. Not just a matter of will, but may be also any time.


I do not want to say that I understand what i myself say because honestly this time (I mean this second Friday 02/13/2015 18:23:53) I began confused myself with what I say, it may be the number of vice I did make the consistency of thought and power even think I dropped dramatically. I do not know, I was hard to explain about this. But I will continue my writing. Outside of black and white zebra skin color, I had briefly mentioned the word paint I mean the colored paint, and color in my PC desktop wallpaper is blue. Little resemblance to the novel alludes dude Rudy I mentioned above was, 'blue land' that I believe there is no connection whatsoever indeed (I wrestle with myself to not say the word 'coincidence'). Blue, the color of the atmospheric layers (sky dome), color reflection atmospheric layer (the sea), the color of which was a favorite of mine. I agree if there are states that blue is the color of soothing the appropriate levels. Perhaps it is also the reason that I plow image designer of this Internet using a portion of the blue color of the portion of the existing black-and-white zebra body to explain the picture lovers that among vagueness that is often confronted to people about possible essence of life, purpose end, or the beginning of the function they are also born into what is now his feet (this exception does not apply to me) that the black-and-white or all-dilemma still cool things given by God to be grateful.

Things 'blue' could have been the return value ourselves, appreciate nature in which we suck nectar thereof, where we appreciate about each other 'exchange'. Things 'blue' and even then not always have the means wallowing. Things 'blue' can be simple things that we often skip. Ah, even to re-recall childhood was sometimes a matter that needs to be done, not merely because it would miss such a warm atmosphere, free minds and free ambition, but because we need to get back into a simple occasionally


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