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An Australian Autumn

Updated on February 18, 2016

An Australian Autumn


Mixed Up Flowers. The crocuses in my garden flower in autumn instead of spring.


What I Feel as I Look At My Crocuses

The crocuses are in line

Like soldiers on parade

Their yellow faces

Lifted to the sun

They're messengers of spring

In their Northern home

Down under they're heralds

Of the autumn

My garden is their home from home

Their quite content to spread their charm

The seasons may have swapped

To them there is no problem

An Indian Summer poem by Gwenneth Leane

Autumn is often a time of serenity while nature prepares to shut down for the winter. The poem below is expressive of the closing down time.

Autumn has arrived

Each day calm and serene

Full of sun light, blue skies

The wind at rest

The body yearns to sit

Basking in the golden glow

Dreaming of the spring

While sleeping through the winter cold

An Australian Garden


Refrains are used in poetry as well as in song writing. Refrains are used in both genres to stress a certain thought and make it memorable as in the poem below

Flowers nod in the wind

In my garden

Bird song is raucous

In my Garden

Parent birds bring their young

In my garden

I sit and drink coffee

In my garden

Watching bird life flit to and fro

In my garden

While I pass away the time

In my garden

A Window To The Soul

Poetry is an expression of the soul. It takes away all wordiness, shallow thought to reveal the inner depths of humanity.

Poetry fires the imagination and paints pictures in words as clear as any artist using paper and paint inspiring readers to great heights of achievement.

Poetry creates heroes, making them immortal such as Milton, Yeats and Browning.

Hippiastrums standing up like a group of maidens



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    • Gwenneth Leane profile image

      Gwenneth Leane 3 years ago from Glen Osmond, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

      Thank for becoming my follower. I welcome your company

    • Gwenneth Leane profile image

      Gwenneth Leane 3 years ago from Glen Osmond, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

      Thank you! I would like to be your follower

    • Gwenneth Leane profile image

      Gwenneth Leane 3 years ago from Glen Osmond, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

      Thank you for your remarks

    • Gwenneth Leane profile image

      Gwenneth Leane 3 years ago from Glen Osmond, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

      So glad you enjoyed my hub page

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 3 years ago from United States

      I enjoyed your work very much. whonu

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Very nice poetry expressing the beauty of the Australian autumn. Well done Gwenneth.


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