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The Composer: Chapter 1

Updated on December 14, 2015

The Interview

John spoke, "Buddy, the light is too harsh. Please keep it a bit soft. "The light man immediately adjusted the light of the light stand. John was still not satisfied, "Hey, the glow is falling directly on the face. This is a simple interview shoot and not any drama sequence. Please, I want it natural."

John, the director of the celebrity interview show 'Being Popular', kept on shouting instructions to his crew. Finally when the set was ready, the show's hostess, the beautiful Eliz walked in. The camera was all set and ready to roll. John shouted, "Action!"

Eliz started, “Welcome my lovely viewers. I am Eliz and you are watching your favourite show Being Popular. Today, we are delighted to have with us, the very popular, young and handsome, pianist, Chris Collins. Chris' classical piano recitals released under the name of Roger Smith enjoy popularity among the young and old alike. Today Chris will share his journey to being popular and his feelings, now that he is so popular.

The camera then rolled towards Eliz's left and fixed itself upon a handsome face. The face was at most 25 years of age. Although the light from the light stand was moderate as John had wanted it to be, Chris' face was shimmering under its radiance. Chris was not only handsome but also humble. Simplicity seemed to ooze from his eyes. His lips broadened as the camera faced him.

In a deep but warm voice, Chris spoke, " Hello everyone. It is nice to be here."

Eliz replied, “Oh Chris, this voice of yours. You could well have been a singer. Women cannot stop talking about that voice of yours."

Chris blushed a bit. “Thank you."

"Chris, many congratulations to you on the release of your new classical piece, El Musica. It is already a chartbuster."

"Thank you."

"How is it that in today's world of rock and pop music, your classical compositions has been able to find such a large audience?"

“I think people always appreciate good music, no matter what genre they are from and by God’s grace I am able to create that kind of music that people like.”

“Now Chris, why don’t you tell us a bit about your childhood?”

“I was brought up in an orphanage. The Tulip Orphanage. We were taken good care of. The people there were lovely and I am proud to have come from such a place.” Orphanage did not seem to be a good place to spend one’s childhood but Chris sounded positive. The respect with which he took the name of the orphanage made it clear that it was indeed his own home he was talking about.

“From when did you start composing?”

“From the age of five, as far as I can remember.” Seeing the look of awe in Eliz’s face, Chris added, “Yes, five it must have been. I had an interest towards music from a very young age. There was a grand piano in our prayer hall at the orphanage. I used to go there often and listen to our piano teacher Madam Maria playing. I slowly started playing it on my own and eventually composing.”

“What did your Madam have to say about her young student?”

“Oh, she didn’t know about it. In fact no one in the orphanage knew about my piano skills. I used to secretly go to the prayer hall and play.”

“Why secretly?”

“I don’t know. I was a bit shy and also didn’t have the confidence to play in front of an audience.” He lowered his gaze. He was indeed shy.

“How did you get your first music contract?”

“I was out of school and had to do something for myself. I was 18. The orphanage couldn’t keep me forever. Since I wasn’t good at anything else, I tried my luck. I recorded a composition of mine and sent it to Max Music. They liked my work and rest is as they say history.”

Eliz turning at the camera, said, “Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is history indeed. The child prodigy from Tulip Orphanage got to sign a music contract with the biggest music company of this time, Max Music. All of Chris’ compositions are released by Max Music. Tell us about your association with them,” once again, facing Chris.

“They are the reason I am here. Max, the CEO of the company is an excellent person and a good friend. He has believed in my work and supported me throughout. I am really grateful to him for creating this platform for me.”

“Chris, your fans really want to know why you don’t perform live.”

“I don’t quite like it.”

“But in todays’ world, live shows, music concerts are such a hit. I am sure your concerts would sell full house.”

“Thanks but as I said I am a bit shy and I am happy playing in my music room.”

“Thank you Chris for sharing your story with us. Is your next piece ready or in the making?”

Chris laughingly replied, “Wait, I just released one. There is time for the next one.”

Eliz returned the laughter. “Okay, we are eager to hear many more of your compositions. Wishing you all the success. Thanks for coming on the show.”

“Thank you very much for having me on your show. It was a pleasure.”

Eliz once again faced the camera. “So this was the very popular pianist, everybody’s favourite, Chris Collins, sharing his story with us. I will meet you tomorrow again, same place, same time, with another popular celebrity. Till then this is me Eliz signing off. Good night.”


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