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The Composer: Chapter 2

Updated on December 14, 2015

Being Popular

It had been a tiring week for Chris. The media interviews and promotional shoots have kept him busy. Tomorrow was Sunday and a holiday for him finally. It was eight in the evening. Chris prepared some vegetable soup for himself, pulled his armchair and sat down. His latest release, El Musica was playing in the background. Chris took a spoonful of the soup into his mouth. He smiled to himself. The soup tasted well.

Chris was indeed a very shy person. Even though he was such a big celebrity, He didn’t keep any servant or manager for himself. He did all his work on his own. Perhaps that is the advantage of staying in an orphanage. It teaches you to be self-independent. Chris was a pro in all the household jobs and he liked doing them. Chris had few friends. A few from the orphanage and another few at the Max Music. He liked to remain to himself mostly. His flat was a small two bedroom flat. Though it was well kept, it lacked the grandeur of a celebrity home. Instead it was warm and homely. Chris rarely went out or partied. It was hard to tell why the happiness of his success did not reach his eyes. No one knew what bothered him. But something definitely bothered him. He was not fully able to enjoy his success. On the other hand, he remained a bit aloof from the outer world as if he was angry with them. May be it was the effect of being popular. But success did not make him proud or selfish. He was always well spoken and greeted everyone with a smile. No matter how much successful he was, he did not forget his roots. Every time he made money, he made sure he donated a part of it to Tulip Orphanage. He always acknowledged the importance of Tulip Orphanage in his life. He visited the orphanage at least twice each month, played with the kids there. Those were perhaps some of the best moments in his life.

El Musica was reigning in the music charts everywhere. Now that he was listening to it, he said to himself that indeed he has done a good job. Sometimes it is necessary to appreciate oneself especially when you don’t have a close one to praise you. Suddenly breaking the symphony of the music, the telephone rang up. Chris started up. He got up and went near the telephone set.

“Hello,” answered Chris.

“Hello, this is Liza speaking from St. John’s Care,” said the voice from the other end.

“Yes, Liza. Say. What is it?”

“Mr. Collins, the hospital bills for the last month?”

“Oh, yes, of course. I remember. I will be coming to the hospital tomorrow. I will clear it then.”

“That will be fine. Another thing, Mr. Collins, Dr. Karl wanted to meet you.”

“Will he be there tomorrow?”

“I’ll ask him to stay if you are coming.”

“Okay, then. Make an appointment of mine with him tomorrow at, say, one o’ clock.”

“Right, Mr. Collins.”

“Thank you, Liza. See you tomorrow.”

Having said it, Chris kept the receiver on the hand set. Hospital bills meant money. Currently he did not have so much money in his bank account. So he took up the receiver once again and dialled another number.

A voice sounded from the other end. “Hey, Chris.”

“Hi, Max.”

“I was just seeing your interview in the television. Thank you so much for your kind words.”

“That’s okay, Max. You deserved them. I wanted a help from you.”

“What is it? Speak up?”

“Can you please give me the rest of my payment as soon as possible?”

“Oh, yes. Sure. Actually your music has been such a hit. We still haven’t finished counting the profit.” Chris could hear a soft laughter from the other side. Max continued, “As soon as we get the total figure of the profit, you will get your payment and also the part of the profit we had agreed upon.”

“How much time will it take?”

“A month or so.”

“Can you please send me a part of the money by tomorrow?”

“Is everything all right?”

“Oh, yes. I just need some money, for some personal stuff.”

“Okay, as you wish. My secretary will take the cheque to your house tomorrow.”

“What time?”

“About ten in the morning.”

Thank you, Max.”

“You’re always welcome, Chris.”

Chris was about to keep the receiver but hung up as Max’s voice sounded once again. “I hope you have started to think about your next work?”

“It’s just been a week since my music has been released.” Chris was astonished. Everybody seemed to have the same question. People’s minds have forgotten to sit back and appreciate the current state; instead it is constantly running from one state to another.

“I know, Chris. But you know today’s competitive world. You must not for even one second leave the gaming arena otherwise you will be forgotten. At least if not a whole composition, you must be ready with a part of it within the next three months.”

“Okay, I’ll get to work. Good Night.”

Having said it, Chris put the receiver down and fetched his laptop. He opened the folder containing all his playlists. All his music was saved in this folder. Twenty of them have already been released and have been great hits. There were five more which Chris had composed during his days at the orphanage. He recorded them too and saved them here. The screen listed all the twenty five of Chris’ composition. Chris selected the file named ‘Amigo Sonata’. Chris believed this to be his best composition till date. He was confident that when he would release this composition, it would break all musical records. He was storing it for the ultimate time. The time when he would no longer remain popular or people will start to forget him; at that time he would release this musical piece and become immortal in the world of music. For the last seven years, each time Max has told him to submit a composition; he opened this file, listened to it and closed it back again. The right time had still not come. Therefore this time too, after listening to it for a while, he closed it. He began to look at the other four, played them one by one and thought on which one he would next work.

The evening passed by, at midnight, he shut down his laptop and went to bed. Tomorrow he had an important task to accomplish.


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