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The Conference, Part II

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Ultimate Conference

It is now one day to the conference. There is quite a sense of perverse excitement in the air-for me at least! I am the judge, lord, and master of the conference! I have the power of life and death and that feels so good!

It is the evening of January 12th and the six invitees are now at the hotel. They were wondering why they were invited to the conference. They were quite taken aback at the prospect that they were designated the "winners" slated to appear at the conference. What a creative genius I was! I am now smoking a cigar and drinking cognac as I silently observe my-victims, oh I mean, guests!

The first person was Jennifer Orne, quite a nondescript housewife and mother of seven children ranging in ages from 14 to 2 years of age. She was not exactly the mother of the year. In fact, she was quite a slothful person who was apparently unconcerned with her children's psychosocial and physical welfare. She and her husband had more children than they could reasonably provide for financially and emotionally! Child Protective Services had to call in several times to her tenement project in South Boston, Massachusetts for child neglect.

As a mother she was often absent and uninvolved. According to neighbors, she often forced her 14 year old son to miss school to raise and care for the younger siblings. The neighbors often lamented, some with ire, of how the oldest son never had a childhood because he assumed adult responsibilities from the age of 8. He raised the children while the mother did nothing, just laying absently and aimlessly on the couch all day, just staring into space.

If Jennifer was not laying on the couch, she usually watched mindless television shows all day. Social workers routinely came by the apartment, wanting to discuss birth control methodology with her but to no avail. No avail! Oh no, to quite a negative avail. She obscenely informed the social worker that she and her husband will have as many children as they wished! She further profanely stated that how many children she had was none of no one's $%^&#! business so to speak. Quite a prize would you think!

The only time Jennifer and her husband were "involved" with the children was to administer corporal punishment! The issue of administering corporal punishment was rife in the family! She really have some underlying issues which I refuse to go into now! She and her husband were quite abusive towards their children which they considered to be burdens. However, she was thrice as abusive as her husband. Her abuse caused the oldest son to run away from home several times since he was 10 years old.

Each time he ran away from home, Jennifer searched and took him back. However, her action was not out of love and benevolence but because she needed him to care for the younger children in the house. She did not possess any parenting skills whatsoever! Whenever he returned home, his punishments became more severe! The last punishment was so severe that he was hospitalized for three months.

The other children in the family did not fare any better either. All were physically abused, neglected, unkempt, and ill nourished. None of them received any type of medical and/or health care. Jennifer and her husband believed that such care was totally superfluous. It was the oldest son who somewhat held the family together; however, he was only a child himself! These children are living HELL on earth-any living being should be subjected to what these poor children must endure daily!

The second person was Sergeant Paul McHugh. He was attached to an infantry division in Afghanistan. There are some very NICE things to say about this person indeed! He usually went beyond the call of duty regarding implementing an order. The last thing he did simply cannot be described on this page; however, it involved innocent women and children. The last order caused Sergeant McHugh to be dishonorably discharged. He is now living in a homeless shelter, subsisting on odd menial jobs.

Paul had a history of violent and aggressive behavior even before he joined the army. From the time he was in 1st grade, he was quite the bully. Nothing suited him more than to target a boy who he deemed weaker, initially tormenting him psychologically then escalating to physical torture. His reputation as a bully became so well known that other boys were quite afraid of him.

One day in the 5th grade, Paul bullied a boy so much that the boy was mentally traumatized to the point of suicide. It was subsequently discovered that the boy did commit suicide two years later. When Paul heard of this, he just laughed, remarking that the boy was quite effeminate. His behavior worsened during adolescence. He started bullying girls as well as boys.

As a teenager, Paul bullying his girlfriends was de rigueur behavior. One girlfiriend was bullied to the point of near death. He threatened the girlfriend that if she elect to leave him, there would be extremely DIRE consequences. Apparently, he was serious-deadly serious! He was about to be engaged to and ultimately marry his last girlfriend; however, his temper arose again and she abruptly ended the relationship, moving to another state!

At 19 years of age, Paul decided to join the army. He was attending the University of California in Los Angeles, majoring in chemical engineering but decided that college was not for him. He wanted to experience life. No, that was not it- he wanted to fully exercise his so-called masculine prerogative! The army would grant him this opportunity much to his ultimate downfall!

Paul was aggressive enough but the army permitted him to exercise such behavior in ways that were not permitted in civilian life. He become more belligerent and aggressive once he was promoted to the position of sergeant. He began to bully his men relentlessly. He was so dictatorial that one of the men wanted to use "friendly" fire on him. That was not good for morale at all!

Paul's behavior became more abhorrently and brutally violent. Civilians as well as other soldiers were in line for his egregious murderous acts. He was not a soldier performing his duties anymore but a monstrous killing machine. He truly relished killing innocent women and children. No one was exempt from his maniacally murderous rages!

Information about Paul reached the higher ranks. However, they dismissed his actions, stating that he was just being a good sergeant. They added that there should be more sergeants like him. However, there were reports of acts of atrocities including assaults by Paul's unit which resulted in talks of a investigation. Paul was promptly dismissed and the rest of the unit was summarily transferred into other units, performing desk duties. He was ultimately dishonorably discharged which was the LAST thing he wanted to be! It was all DOWNHILL from there...........


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