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The Conference, Part V

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Ultimate Conference

Mark got another job after his termination. This second job was a little bit better than the first. Again, he performed subpar and was terminated. However, this time, it was increasingly difficult for him to obtain a third job. His father berated him, calling him an utter failure in life. His mother interceded on his behalf as she always done, informing the father that everything would be fine.

During the interim between his second and third job, Mark just stayed at home, mindlessly watching television, listening to his favorite CD albums, and surfing. He loved to surf as that was his main passion. However, his parents, especially his father, believed that a surfing career was not a career for grown men. His father geared him albeit forcefully into business so he could make a lucrative living. His father has often voiced that surfing was for bums, not mature men.

Mark had his life planned for him by his father. It was the father's intention that Mark attend a prestigious university and later law school in order to follow the former's footsteps in the quite lucrative business end of the entertainment business. However, Mark's aspirations were in an entirely different area. His areas of expertise were graphic designing and surfing. He loved those things very much. Art and surfing were his passions; however, his father would have NONE of this!

Mark appeased his father by studying the required subjects but his heart was elsewhere. This was quite evident in that he was a student in the C range, except for art, throughout his academic career. His father often wondered what was wrong with his son! Mark seemed to have no initiative at all!

Mark was unsuccessful in his succeeding jobs. He continued to get fired for one reason or another. He subsequently became the dreaded word-UNEMPLOYABLE! He had a snowball chance in Hell to ever obtain another job again. Luckily, his parents were rich which meant that he was able to be supported in quite a lavish style. His father got sick of Mark's incessant loafing which resulted in a very strong verbal altercation between father and son. Mark left the house, never to return home again!

Mark should not have left home. He became an indigent bum, making a living doing panhandling and other odd jobs. He even looked and smelled like a bum. He sank as low as he could go............He was in the bottomless pit so to speak but he does not care at all- not one bit! He has lost all of his pride and human worth............At least , he appeared clean and well kept for the conference although his clothes were threadbare.....

Last but NOT least was Ann Wickman. How could I describe Ann. Well, she was a fiery religious fundamentalist of the Southern Baptist persuasion. To her, 21st century America is just an updated version of Sodom and Gomorrah. According to her, the world is going to hell and Judgement Day will come on December 21st, 2012. She is not hesitant regarding informing you of this "fact".

Ann is the type of person who believes that there is only ONE path to God. She would proselytize and preach to anyone in the hopes of converting him/her to her way of thinking. She could be described as an extremely parochial and narrow minded person. Most people, she contended, were doomed to Everlasting Hell because of their choices. She maintained that she was SAVED because she had the RIGHT religion.

Ann was separated with two grown boys. Her husband left her when she became born again under the tutelage of a far right fundamentalist preacher. Her husband saw how Ann was becoming quite unraveled when she decided to became a fundamentalist Baptist. Her sons were another issue. One of her sons revealed that he was gay so she disowned him. Another son elected to become estranged from her as he was sick of her constant proselytizing regarding his "sinfully errant" ways. Her family of origin who were freethinking Episcopalians believed that she has completely lost her mind. According to her parents, their once liberated and freethinking daughter has become one of their worst nightmares- a raging religious fanatic.............. She has completely go awry to the quadrillionth degree!

Well, there are the case stories of the invitees. They are gathered around, introducing themselves and making conversation. They seemed quite relaxed. None of them know what the conference is about. Good! It is now midnight and it is now January 13, 2011! There are eight hours until the conference. Within a hour, all the six invitees departed to their separate rooms. I was beginning to feel tired but elected to stay awake another hour and a half. After I sipped my second cognac, I elected to depart to my penthouse suite.

As I was drifting to sleep, I started to dream about Greyce and the things I wanted to do to her. Oh no, let me think of business and of her as strictly a guest at the upcoming conference. I feel promptly to sleep.............

Night drifted so swiftly and now it was morning. I promptly woke up, exercised for 15 minutes, showered, and proceeded to the 13th floor conference room. As I entered the conference room, there was a splendid buffet style Continental breakfast befitting royalty. It was 8:00 a.m. and I was the only person in the room. Then the six invitees arrived in a procession. I greeted them as they entered the room. They were totally surprised by my "gracious" reception and the Continental breakfast. No one was the wiser..........well, except for me.

The six invitees were so excited to be in the exclusive and totally luxurious Wiltmore Hotel. All marvelled at the deluxe accommodations that they had. All loved the Continental breakfast served buffet style. Some actually could not believe that they were scheduled to attend a conference. I noticed that one of the invitees, Mark Thorpe, was totally shocked that he, of all people, being actually invited to attend a conference. He inquired of me as to the contents of the conference. I placated him, reassuring him that the conference is a series of interviews and psychological tests. He seemed perplexed but I again reassured him that there was nothing to worry about........

I sensed that Mark was not reassured. I took him aside and explained to him that the interview, psychological tests, and questionaires were par for the conference. I furthermore informed him that this was nothing was just for prospective jobs! I then saw his face. He seemed quite surprised that SOMEONE would interview HIM for a job. He did not have ANY type of JOB for what seems years...............


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank you kindly! This is why I thoroughly enjoy writing for HubPages.

    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 5 years ago

      Waiting for the next installment. This is getting better and better.