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The Conference, Part VIII

Updated on February 25, 2013

The Ultimate Conference

Yes, I do feel very sorry for Mark. He NEVER lived an authentic life. He was programmed to please his father. To me, that is the most insidious form of selfishness on the part of the parent. No parent should ever force a child to live to the parent's dreams. That is why many people are so unhappy in life. They are simply meandering while they should be savoring and living life to its fullest.

Greyce and George are quite different characters entirely. They are totally devoid of any type of humaneness. They are also totally amoral. I knew about their sexual peccadilloes- these two were avid fans of using sex and people to obtain their goals. They view people as just that-commodities to bend to their will. These two took the art of selfishness to the ultimate level of total debasement.

Paul McHugh was evil incarnate. He went beyond the mere duties of a soldier. He actually ENJOYED murdering innocent women and children. Women and children who endured a harsh, patriarchal Afghan society. That is enough but to die in the hands of a murdering maniac who professed to "save" and "assist" the Afghan people-please! This man clearly has deep issues. He has a macho complex. He feels more comfortable with the boys than with women. He actually believes that he is SUPERIOR to the female gender!

He was born into a quite, authoritarian military family. He was an only child like Greyce was. His father was a Colonel in the United States Marine Corp. He was brought up with the importance of duty daily inoculated in him. Let us look further. His father believed in the code of being a strong man. That means that men must always be on top and NEVER show ANY type of vulnerability. To the Colonel, demonstrating any type of vulnerability indicates a type of weakness.

Colonel McHugh came from a working class Irish American family in the Bronx, New York. He was the 6th of 8 children. His childhood could be described as hardscrabble to say the least. He wanted to get out of Dyre Avenue. So as soon as he graduated from high school, he enrolled in the Marine Corps. He advanced rapidly through the ranks. Once he left Dyre Avenue, he cut off all contact with his parents and siblings. He furthermore took advantage of the educational opportunities that the United States Marine Corp provided. He ultimately obtained a Masters Degree in Engineering Logistics. He was quite comfortable in his position, making the marines his career until his ultimate retirement.

Paul lived a quite a charmed life as the child of an officer. Anything he wanted, he could have. His father's status gave Paul quite an inflated ego. He truly practiced the philosophy that might equals power and thus equal right. He was a strong and aggressive boy who truly relished dominating other children. Yes, he was QUITE a piece of work, would you say!

Yes, Paul was evil but not as truly evil as Jennifer who was evil to the milnillionth degree-THE ULTIMATE EVIL! I really hated this woman as she made my blood boil! I am arranging with the POWERS a unique place for her. She will be quite surprised(maybe shocked) when she reaches the designated place.........

I am studying my six subjects with fascination. They have their individual issues which are the reasons why they were invited to attend the conference. Some of them are inherently wicked while others are just plain meandering through life. I am in charge of the mechanizations of the conference; however, I will be working cojointly with the POWERS regarding the ultimate decision of the six invitees........

I am now resting in order to clear and refresh my mind for the next proceeding. This interview will be VERY thorough and in-depth as it has NEVER been before. The invitees are going to be in for a quite "D" treat so to speak. Surprises could be quite shockers, sometimes in a dangerous way- so let the games begin! I am now laughing quite sadistically while smoking my cigar!

It is now 6:00 p.m., halfway to THE hour. I started to interview the prospective six invitees. I informed that the questions will be extremely personal; however they MUST answer all questions asked. Some of the invitees' faces ashened while one actually fainted. One mumbled to herself, what other DIABOLICAL plan is there.........

There were a few invitees like Greyce who with her usual bravado, asserted that she had NOTHING to hide regarding the interview. She bade me to bring it on while smoking on a cigar while smiling menacingly. She was truly a force to be reckoned with but NOT now!

The majority of the invitees eventually became resigned and decided to play MY game. At this time, it was apparent that NONE of them were in the mood to answer further questions. Ann voiced that she was extremely tired and wished to return to her hotel room. Jennifer want into quite a profane litany regarding the interview. She used language that would cause hellish entities to blush and run away!

Jennifer became quite uneasy and wanted to decline the interview. I asserted that EVERYONE was to participate in the interviews. I added that she was not going to be an exception. I then taunted her, asking if she had ANYTHING to hide. She just glared at me silently.

Jennifer wanted to start an altercation with me regarding the interview. I just ignored her, proceeding with my questions. I decided to select her to be my first interview. She refused to comply. I then warned her that it would be BEST for her to cooperate, adding that she is in an extremely perilous situation. She arrogantly inquired that I explain myself! I told her that she better not vex me any further than she has! She was mocking me, saying that she was very afraid. I told her that if I was her, I would be VERY apprehensive regarding this situation at hand! She just laughed in my face, being totally unaware of the consequences she was about to.........endure.

Jennifer became quite emblazoned, spitting in my face. I noted her uncooperativeness. She did not know that she was making it quite easy for me to institute quite a "reward" for her. She was falling into my hands but she was unaware of it! She then started her blasphemous tirade which was more virulent than her previous tirades. I just sat there, taking notes of her outrageous behavior-or rather, misbehavior!

Jennifer decided to give me the silent treatment during the interview. I advised her very strongly that her actions were not wise ones. I told her that it would be in her BEST interest to answer the questions very truthfully as lies would be held against her. She informed me to go to HELL.........I just smiled knowingly..............


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