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The Conference, Part X

Updated on January 30, 2013

The Ultimate Conference

Greyce was quite an arrogant woman. She wanted to continue with the interview although I have more than enough information on her. She further relayed that she was superior to the masses of the hoi polloi she had to interface with. She sprawled seductively across me. Now, this game was getting stale.

I walked away from her but she stalked me like a king cobra would a mongoose. I turned around, telling her that she was NO match for me! I further informed her that I had been with women whose seductive skills made her seem like a silly 9th grade school girl. I snarled, telling her that she COULD NOT handle my prowess.........She was in my face, just laughing and smoking her cigar.

Greyce possessed audacity to the millinillionth degree. She believed that she was the ULTIMATE- in looks, brains, and so-called breeding. She lived to regale others with stories of how she was not the average Black person born and raised in Harlem, New York. She asserted that she was one of the few middle class Blacks living among the rabble. She had such an air of condescending superiority that I wanted to SMACK her face. She was getting on my BAD side. It was quite inadvisable to get on my BAD side because the results could be............QUITE VENOMOUSLY DEADLY!

It is apparent that Greyce was used to getting her way. She was certainly beautiful enough. In looks, she was tall and slender. She could have easily become a high fashion model and actress based upon looks alone. She had long dark golden blonde hair, green amber eyes, and a light golden caramel complexion. She definitely knew how to use her looks to the ultimate advantage once she gained self-confidence!

Greyce started to use her charms on George. However, she viewed ME as the greater prize. Frankly, I had THINGS to do and had no time for her games. I wanted to interview Paul; however, this will be quite a short interview because I had the most important information about him already. I just wanted to know what made HIM tick psychologically.

I started to interview Paul. He revealed that it gave him a rush to dominate people. He further related that this world is a jungle and humans are just like the other animals albeit more deadly. He stated that he was the hunter and that others were the prey who actually deserved what they got. I sat there completely mesmerized by his answers. His philosophy was completely Social Darwinian! He elaborated that the world belonged to the strong and fierce and the weaker among humanity MUST be ruled and controlled. He smiled as he uttered the last part of his statement.

Paul started to get up, walking around me. I forcibly instructed him to sit down. He looked at me, starting to confront me. He asked which one of us was the bigger man! He started to posture me! I stood up which answered his question. He promptly sat down. He continued with his stance of the necessary use of force and violence. I decided to cut the interview short although he wanted to continue with his typical macho bravado. As he attempted to continue with the interview, I just summarily dismissed him....

Now George is the NEXT person I want to interview. He is quite a study in contrasts so to speak. Here is this boy from a working class background who achieved the pinnacles of success. Even though he achieved phenomenal success, he has clearly lost his HUMANITY and most important of all, his SOUL.........

George revealed with love and admiration his Ukrainian American working class background. He explained how his parents imbued with the love of the work ethic. He was smiling and beaming. He asserted how much he loved his parents and siblings. I felt his sincerity. He added that he made a promise that once he was successful, he would help his parents and the larger Chicago Ukrainian American community. He made good on these promises..........however..........

There was a however regarding George's case. As he become more successful, the vestiges of his ethics and humanity were fading away. In its place, he became a ruthless business machine. He rivalled Ivan Boesky in terms of ruthlessness regarding competitors and his employees. Nothing mattered to him but the dollar and bottom line. He recalled his mother remarking to him that he was no longer the considerate and thoughtful little boy she had known and loved. His mother noticed that ruthless veneer that he had, bemoaning what he once was and now was metamorphing to......

George related that one does change, adding in fact, one must be ruthless in order to succeed. He further related that he is now a multimillionaire, almost a billionaire based upon investments and is on TOP of the world. He showed his TRUE personality, uttering in his deep melodious voice that one must OWN or be OWNED. Well, he revealed that he was not ever going to be OWNED by anyone. He cited the examples of typical people who worked for others in "slave" jobs- for what? He stated that he was working class and now he is rich- and that RICH is indefinitely better!

George philosophized that it is good to be on top of the food chain. He further theorized that it is good to be THE MAN. He elaborated that it is good to be in POWER, calling the shots. He relayed to me confidentially or man-to-man as he stated, that women are definitely TURNED ON by power. He smiled confidently!

I was totally intrigued by this character. Yes, it is good to want success, wealth, and power but George often used underhanded and ruthless means to achieve those things. When I alerted this to him, he told me that as a man of the world, I knew this so do not pretend it is otherwise. As I progressed in the interview, he demonstrated quite an arrogant swaggering attitude. He revealed the sordid methods he undertook to achieve any more success than he could possibly dream of! He smiled and laughed, stating WINNER takes all and LOSERS submit to the WINNER!

I thought to myself that this man is quite amoral in his dealing with people. He came to believe that people were pawns in his acquisition for power. He apparently was unfazed regarding whom he hurt along the way. He was totally indifferent to this-well, que sera, sera! He went over to Greyce and they were laughing about the interview together. These two actually believe that they are indeed superior to the rest of the world. Mark was sitting alone in a corner. Greyce looked at him and started to verbally abuse him. Mark looked away and this made Greyce even more virulent and vemonous in her abuse. She sensed his vulnerability like a vampire smelled blood.......she loved abusing the weak among humanity ......................To her, Mark was the ultimate NOBODY..................


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