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The Conference, Part XI, The Finale

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Ultimate Conference

Greyce's haranguing of Mark was going to the extreme. I glared at Greyce, ordering her to stop this. She turned around, stating in no uncertain terms who did I think I was. She further informed me that I was UNIMPORTANT, just a NOBODY. I again glared at her, ordering her to cease the verbal abuse. When she saw my eyes, she become speechless. I saw indications of primal fear in her eyes.

It was now 30 minutes before THE HOUR. Ann remarked that it was eerily PITCH BLACK outside and Jennifer concurred. I told the invitees that under no circumstances that they were to leave the conference room. I was recording the contents of the interviews and grading the psychological tests. Greyce and George scored the highest in all facets of the psychological tests. However, the interviews of Jennifer and Paul were the most insidiously sordid and horrific. Ann and Mark scored the lowest in the psychological tests. I decided not to interview Mark because he did not have a blemished record. Ann had some failings but they were considered venial failings, not of mortal nor perilous nature.

I went over to Ann and Mark, instructing them to leave the conference room. I made arrangements for them to stay at a hotel in an adjacent town in addition to having a limousine pick them up the next morning, driving them home. Before they left, I took Mark aside and told him that he was capable of being successful-all he had to do was to follow his passion and believe in himself. Both invitees thanked me, hurriedly leaving the hotel.

The other four invitees observing Ann and Mark leaving the conference room, inquired as to why they had to remain at the conference. I informed them that they scored very high on their tests and interviews thus they were selected for jobs which suited their capabilities and personalities. I further stated that some career consultants are coming with the purpose of discussing aspects of the prospective jobs with them. I elaborated that those jobs are so indescribably out of this world. The four invitees seemed to be very anticipated regarding this!

It was now THE HOUR. I heard some footsteps outside the conference room door. The POWERS were here. They consisted of three men and a woman, dressed in stylish but conservative black suits. They greeted the invitees, telling them to be comfortable and at ease. They proceeded with the discussion about the prospective jobs which would be followed by a lecture.

The lecture continued for what seemed to be an hour. I conferred with the POWERS regarding the fate of the four invitees. The leader of the POWERS, a male, stated that they had to wait for Tanas Vilde, Esquire, the Head Judge, who would make the ULTIMATE decision. The invitees were so calm. Well, they would not be calm if they knew of their ACTUAL fate.

The POWERS and I were studying the results of the psychological tests and interviews. One of the POWERS indicated that these people ran the gamut of evil and amorality. A junior member of the POWERS, a young babyfaced man, could not decide which of the two invitees were more evil, Greyce or Jennifer. The female member, second in command, interjected strongly that all of them were evil to one degree or another. The leader of the POWERS abjectly stated that there is clearly no redemption for these invitees- they have sealed their fate.

I and the POWERS returned to the conference room. The invitees appeared very excited at the prospect of their future. Greyce seemed the once to be most excited. She asked me if she should call her friends. I informed her that "all will be taken care off". Jennifer stated that she just could not believe her luck. She stated that she is truly and finally BLESSED! Paul was actually crying with joy regarding this prospect.

I noticed that George was becoming quite suspicious. He believed that this was TOO GOOD to be true. He knew that there had to be a catch to this. Come on, he thought, he KNEW how the GAME was played. I and the POWERS noticed that George was on to us. I walked over to him, placating him but it did not work!

Then Judge Vilde arrived. The POWERS and I greeted and conferred with him regarding the results of the psychological tests and interviews. Judge Vilde remarked to us that the four invitees possessed various degrees of evil and debasement. Judge Vilde further asserted that indeed there is no hope whatsoever for these dissolute people. Judge Vilde made the final determination that the ULTIMATE PENALTY would be applied to the four invitees.

I gathered the four invitees, delivering them to the POWERS and Judge Vilde. There were limousines outside that would take them to their ultimate destination. They seemed so excited about their futures. They got into the limousines, waving goodbye to me. Judge Vilde and the POWERS congratulated me for a job well done and bade me farewell.

I thought to myself that these unsuspecting souls thought that their futures would be splendid and glorious. In actuality, their futures will be quite dismal and horrific. They are going to be quite SHOCKED - and not for the good when they reach their destination. They think that they are going to their ultimate reward......when in fact, they are actually going to HELL where untold and eternal agonies await them!

As I have told you, I go by many names. My real name does not actually matter. People are usually afraid of me. I am not of this world. My job is to collect the souls of the INCORRIGIBLE, WICKED, and UNREPENTANT and to grant them their just desserts, so to speak. I am now going to rest a while. This soul delivery business can be very taxing!


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