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The Conundrum

Updated on February 15, 2012
Purple Universe from Sweet_Neko Source:
Purple Universe from Sweet_Neko Source:
The Butterfly Nebula from Nicholas Urfe Source:
The Butterfly Nebula from Nicholas Urfe Source:
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Orion Nebula from wstera2 Source:
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Eagle Nebula from zen724 Source:

The Conundrum

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Life like a spring eternal,

bubbles from the depths of meaning,

the will of being the force of a paradox.

From whose will does life ensue?

And from what matter can it become creation?

God, a likely suspect,

but from what matter is he, his beginning?

Life is a circle with no end,

life, death and transformation an endless parody

of an existence without understanding.

At what point is infinity understood

as a graspable concept.

We within its procession are specs,

cells in structure with the ability to think,

to consider impossibility as a rational conclusion.

God, his being, our greatest scapegoat and assumption,

is our own delusion created over our inability

to grasp that which is unknowable.

Faith you may say needs no knowledge,

and that is the point.

That rationale has sent minds and action into turmoil,

in defence and preservation of irrationality.

What comes with thought is responsibility and consequence,

for our actions and views of existence,

and the delusions we instil into ourselves for security,

and the quest to give meaning to this opportunity called life.

Love is and remains the only true expression of our soul,

the essence of whom we are regardless of our origins.

Rather than seek to understand our beginnings

we should accept and develop what we have,

in any way we can share and understand.

The real conundrum is you and I,

lost in the fertile scope of free will and thought,

inventing deities for atonement rather than appreciate what we have.

If we could relate to one another

as many say they do with God,

perhaps this world could survive

our ignorance and arrogance

in assuming anything beyond what we can understand.


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