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The Cop and the Poet

Updated on February 21, 2017

The cop sits at her desk.
Her gun is holstered to her hip.
Her head is full of orders and commands
and her duty to protect those in need.

The poet sits at her desk.
Her fingers are curled around a pencil.
Her thoughts are flowing onto power
as she finds her grip on reality.

The cop and the poet
come face to face,
one protecting the people
and the other protecting herself.


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    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 14 months ago from Washington, DC

      Nice poem, Anna. I, too, once knew a female cop who wrote during her career and eventually published her book of poetry. As a former therapist for cops, they wear the image armor well but feel deeply. I believe that's what makes them good poets. They keep a lot in without a lot of healthy outlets.

    • Anna Marquardt profile image

      Anna Marquardt 14 months ago from Texas

      It was inspired by a poet I met named Sarah Cortez. She's been a cop for years while also writing and publishing poetry! I highly recommend checking out her poems.

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 14 months ago

      Interesting comparison. I wouldn't have thought of comparing a cop to a poet.