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The Cottage By The Sea, Short Story, Fiction And Poetry

Updated on May 16, 2017

A place to call home!

Home is where the heart is.
Home is where the heart is.

A New Chapter

The car moved slowly down the country road and made it's way through the green oak clad roads, to the open fields beyond.

This was the time to move away, she thought, move away to somewhere new where she could start a new life afresh, far from the abuse and antagonism.

Her aunt had invited her to her home in a little sea side town about hundred miles away. Aunt Annie was always welcoming her in, with open arms and an open heart.


A Breath Of Fresh Air

She needed the sea air and some good walks along the cliffs, to bring some perspective and sanity into her life again.

Soon the white cliffs appeared at the end of a long stretch of road and the breeze from the sea wafted in her open window, beckoning her to come back, to where she belonged.

She spent many a holiday here at Annersea and the friendly people always treated her, like a long lost friend.


Love And Laughter

Aunt Annie helped her in with much laughter and joy and she collapsed into the lovely floral settee and it felt like she had come home.

Tea and chocolate cake with a dollop of cream and strawberry jam were placed on the little tea table in front of her.

She chatted and watched the sun go down on the horizon and the cry of the seagulls faded as the mist and night air, covered the cliffs.

A good night's rest and a change in her path and events, had led her back to the haven, the cottage by the sea.



The summer comes as a fresh warm wind

It blows my hair and frown away

And brings to me a joyful day

When times are cold and dreams lie frozen in the ice

The summer breeze lifts my heart

And wafts past in colours and spice

We dare to dream of far off shores

Sand swept beaches

And vistas galore

Where we dance on the light

And fly with abandon

Where the eagles soar on wings of flight

Embrace your dreams

And unlock your wings

Find the summer wind and reach for your own dreams and ideals...soar little eagle..soar!

source- my own poetry

Sunset Over The Sea

Beautiful golden rays disappearing over the horizon.
Beautiful golden rays disappearing over the horizon. | Source


The summer rays dance on the sand where
lovers walk hand in hand.
Somewhere a sea bird cries
High overhead agaist the blue skies

Waves rush on to the shore
The lovers footprints are no more
Only the the sigh of the waves a breaking
once more on the ocean floor

Take note of your life and appreciate all the minutes that add up to the hours. You never know when your footprints on this sandy life's beach will be no more.

Soothing Music

Sand Hearts

Another Day Bids Farewell


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