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The Creep Book Review

Updated on October 30, 2012

The Relaunch Of The Creep

The relaunch of The Creep is scheduled for the 5th November 2012. The launch is taking place on Amazon and the book is aimed at Kindle users. The Creep was first released in 1984 and the author is John.T.Foster.

The Creep

The Creep
The Creep | Source

Why Im Writing The Review

I was asked to read The Creep prior to the relaunch as i am a great lover of horror books and movies. So it gives me great pleasure to pass on to other my point of view regarding the creep and the storyline it entails.

The Author wrote a Warning on the rear cover of the book and i have to agree with him. The following is the written warning

" This book contains a great deal of information on events actually happening in the real world today. Many readers may therefore be disturbed by its content. But once you have picked it up you will not want to put it down."


John.T.Foster really did his homework prior to writing The Creep. The detailed information on the subjects he has written within this novel really leave your imagination hanging on the edge.

Such detailed about the following topics really do give you a insight to the world and mind of a serial killer

  • Serial Killers
  • Hypnosis and the many ways to induce trace like states
  • Weapons from flick knifes to rocket launchers
  • Sexual Slaves
  • Sexual Fantasies
  • The different methods a serial killer picks his prey
  • The different methods used by a serial killer to torture or kill his prey

There are other subjects that have been carefully studied prior to being written within this great horror novel " The Creep "

The Review

The Creep takes you on a roller coaster ride of blood churning murder, mystery and suspense.

" The Creep " has been loose in America for 7 years and is accountable for numerous crimes across America.

Based on a serial killer named Bishman who has through out his live time suffered domestic abuse at the hands of his family. Turning to drink and drugs, Bishman turns to rape, torture and cold calculated murder to please his frustration with life.

Bishman decides to visit hypnotherapist Bill Harvey or Dr Bill to try and get some sense out of why he does what he does.

Over a long period of time Bill Harvey places Bishman into a trance like state and records many hours of stories Bishman reveals to him.

Bishman reveals how he picks his victims, how he talks his victims into trusting him using stories that the victims want to hear, once Bishman has gained there trust he leads them into a remote area where the victim is bludgeoned to death usually after being tortured and raped.

In the mean time Bill Harvey meets Anita, a beautiful blonde women, over a period of weeks they both begin a sexual relationship and engage in there own sexual fantasies leaving the reader wanting more. The sexual relationship is written in such erotic detail it does get your imagination thinking over time.

Weeks later Bishman tells the story of Leo the multi billionaire who owns a castle that he visits every weekend. The Castle houses Leo's sex slaves, young girls and boys who are there solely for Leo and his friend abuse. Bishman is invited for the weekend and soon discovers there is a hidden secret within the castle, this leads Bishman to do what he does best, mayhem.

The Creep is very addictive and once i got into it i found it hard to leave, i have mentioned a few twists and turns but believe me there is even more that i havent covered as to write too much ould spoil your reading.

The Creep will be a Number 1 on Amazon as it has every thing a horror book reader wants, blood, guts, rape, torture, sexual fantasies and cold blooded murder.

I would mark this one 10/10 for the knowledge alone never mind the twists and turns.

The question you end up asking is " who is the Creep "

Below are links to the creep website


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