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The Crevasse of Know

Updated on March 14, 2014

She wonders why?

Why do I breathe

Why do I blink

Why do I perceive

Why do I think?

Called upon by the wink of a dream in a drink

Connected the links and the smaller she shrinks

Only to drain into the timeless sink

I think, "I need to leave"

Can't pay the fees

or withstand the boredom of the show

But to evaluate my needs against the hoax,

I keep free

So I let go what I hold close

Certainty was not the path that I chose

But depression seeps from the crevasse of know

Spoiled from seed and infancy, most

Coiled and grown from a hole, both

Yes, truth is still sent to me

Her color is green

I know the running theme

I know what it seems like

I know when it feels right

but it just goes and goes and goes. . .

Nature drives towards light

But once bright, you crave night

And once you have that,

You flick a match

What's the catch?

My grasp seems fairly patched

Maybe sign a contract to know my goal

Let go of control and all will balance out on its own

Deemed poor timing,

You're happy only cause you're hiding

Finding, that shrug took time to run course

Of course! But maybe. . .Oh wait, no. . .

Then again,

The days layer like cigarettes in an ashtray

To be (eventually) thrown away

And I'm okay only because of that

Cat nap through the strange afternoon

Evening, hard to drop what I was so soon

All the while the dreams allude

Persuade reality to move

Different to your knee's bend

Will life always be on the mend?

Left wondering when it will break down again and again


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